Eva’s project – July and August.  Brittany Spaniel in the summer

Eva’s project – July and August. Brittany Spaniel in the summer

Almost all of Eva’s July and August photo project was done at the cottage.  A good life for a Brittany Spaniel.

This first photo is why we can’t fully trust her off lead at the cabin. Those Brittany instincts run deep. Very deep.

Dave: Hey Eva, where are you going?
Eva: Somewhere over there.
Dave: But you do realize that we are actually all over here right now.
Eva: I’ll keep that in mind. But, I think there may be something more interesting over there right now.
Dave: Does it have something to do with ducks or geese?
Eva: What makes you say that?
Dave: Several historical experiences.
Eva: Well, let me tell you that this has nothing to do with ducks or geese.
Dave: Well, that’s a relief. I thought you were swimming after birds again.
Eva: Yup, neither ducks nor geese. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pelican to find. I saw him fly by a few minutes ago and I think he may have a fish for me.


This July photo was from a little family paddle board on the lake. Eva loves chilling on the board.

Daniel: Hey Eva, you’re losing! Julia and I are way faster than you!
Eva: Really? This is turning into mocking?
Daniel: Not mocking, cause you’d be too slow to catch a mocking bird!
Eva: That’s it. This just got personal. I challenge you to a bird sniffing contest when we get back to the cabin.
Daniel: Not gonna do that, but I do think I will win the race.
Eva: Man that seems totally unfair because there’s nothing I can do about being slow as my propulsion system keeps kneeling down to do photos.
Daniel: Really? The queen of the paddle-board is getting upset about being in last place?
Eva: Nope, not in last place, because technically Dave is behind me.
Daniel: I thought he was your propulsion system and not another competitor.
Eva: Dude, he’s behind me so he’s in last place. I’ve never lost a race yet, and I’m not planning on starting that today.


Eva’s grumpy professor was shot during the partial eclipse.  We were at the lake for perfect sunny weather. Being this far north it was only a partial eclipse, which the humans found very cool. The dogs were a little less impressed.

Dave: Eva, what do you think of the eclipse?
Eva: Not much. When it comes down to it it really just is a the moon’s path crossing in front of the sun temporarily shadowing portions of the earth from the sun.
Dave: Any other thoughts?
Eva: Well, it would be better with eclipse cookies.
Dave: Eclipse cookies?
Eva: Yup. Eclipse cookies. You know, a big circle shaped cookie that I can take nibbles out of to match the progressive crescent shaped shadow of the sun.
Dave: That is a pretty cool idea. But what do you do after the maximum point of the eclipse when the silhouette of the sun is getting bigger again?
Eva: Simple. Eat more cookies. When in doubt, eat more cookies.


While most people were dazzled by the eclipse, Eva was more dappled by it.

A bit of a different take on an eclipse photo. When reading about how to safely view an eclipse I came across an article that recommended weaving your fingers together then allowing a small amount of light through so that each of your finger web space intersections could act like an individual pinhole projector, similar to how dappled light coming through a tree is made up of individual circles because of many tiny pin-hole like interfaces between the leaves. Then during the eclipse I notices the very cool pattern to the dappled light which changed with how much or little of the sun was shaded. Perfect time for a portrait with Eva.

Although there is catch-light in her left eye, I can assure you that she was not looking directly into the sun, as I had a handful of cheerios beside my lens to keep her attention on me.


This last photo of August had no dogversation. No witty commentary. Just Eva licking water out of a bowl.  Funny thing is that as fast as she is with everything else that she does, she is the slowest drinker that we have ever had.  Perspective provided via GoPro in the bottom of a large measuring cup filled with water.

Lick . . . . . . . lick . . . . . . l i c k