Bruno’s Project – September 2017

Bruno’s Project – September 2017

Bruno’s September photos were a bit of an odd assortment.  Working on the computer, resting, hanging with the Playmobil crew and an absentee shot while the humans were away on vacation.

His first photo September photo “post haste” was taken while he recovered from a game of chase with Agnes.

Dave: Wow, Bruno you look spent.
Bruno: Yup. I’m definitely post haste.
Dave: Really? Posthaste?
Bruno: Yup. The puppy chased me, then I chased the puppy, then the puppy chased me. We were moving quickly, so I am now post haste.
Dave: Are you that old that you need a lie down after a game of chase?
Bruno: No, not that old. Just that lazy.
Dave: Fair enough. And by the way, that’s not what posthaste means.
Bruno: Really? Does it mean when you put something that moves really fast in a mail box? Because sometimes when the puppy is …
Dave: Nope. That’s not it. And you’re not allowed to put Aggie in the mail box when she’s annoying you.
Bruno: Is it when you tie something that moves really fast to a fence post?
Dave: Nope. And once again, you can’t do that to Agnes.
Bruno: The is has to be something to do with posting a for sale message on the internet about something that moves fast.
Dave: Nope. Not it.
Bruno: Dude, I’m running out of ideas here.
Dave: Posthaste and haste mean almost the same thing. When something either has to be or is being done quickly and with great urgency.
Bruno: Dude, that’s a little confusing. Maybe it will make more sense when I finish this nap.


The next photo was more trying to capture the process of a project than a single photo.  In these weekly projects many photos are taken and sometimes it’s tough to see how they work together given that they are acquired over a full year.   This photo strives to incorporate a view back on previous images via the contact sheet, as well as a look at the processing time on the computer.  The processing often involves a beverage. This morning it was a coffee, in mug that I bought for my wife when Kael was quite ill and needing frequent trips to the vet between intermittent minor health recoveries in the fall of 2012. The mug simply says “trust the process”, which I thought fit well with this photo too.

The photo on the computer was taken for this week, a simple shot of him looking up at me from the top of the hill in the park. He did great holding his stay even when two dogs walked by the bottom of the hill, often a significant temptation for this social goofball. Either he is maturing, better trained or I just had particularly good treats with me.


This week’s photo was a continuation on a theme of playmobil dog photos from previous projects.  This one shows Bruno and the rest of the usual suspects. The alternate title suggested by my son is “find the giant”. And by the way, Aggie is the guilty party as she can jam her nose really far into shoes to get the re-wear socks out.

Bruno: Dave, I’m worried about the fairness of this situation.
Dave: Why’s that?
Bruno: Well, There may have been an incident where a dirty socks intended to be worn again were moved from inside of a running shoe to an undisclosed location elsewhere in the house.
Dave: I think that “may have been” is underestimating the probability of that statement,
Bruno: Likely. But, the problem is that I was accused of being the mover.
Dave: Really? And you find that hard to believe?
Bruno: No, not that hard to believe as I have been known to move socks. But these ones I didn’t move. Those shoes are too small for me to reach inside and grab the socks.
Dave: And what does this have to do with the line-up of small playmobil dogs?
Bruno: Well, when I explained my innocence and the reason why, the kids decided that a police line-up of dogs would be the best way to identify the culprit,
Dave: Dude, I’m worried for you. I think that this may be a rigged system.
Bruno: Me too. These guys are hardened criminals.
Dave: I’m not sure they’re as hardened as they are plastic.
Bruno: If being plastic is the only reason that they’re hardened then why are they so used to be interrogated that they won’t even talk. I think I need to lawyer up.


The last shot was an absentee shot of him on my iphone while we were travelling.  We had been away for the past week in Toronto and Ottawa for a friend’s wedding then family visiting. Before going I took a quick shot of Bruno wearing a hat with maple leaf on it planning on taking a photo with Parliament Hill in the background. The day we actually were on the lawn at the house of commons was too sunny to have the photo of the iphone work, so this one was taken another day from inside the Canadian Museum of History across the Ottawa River in Quebec with Parliament hill in the background. No dogversation this week, just a photo missing my big furry friend.

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