Agnes’ Project – July & August 2017

Agnes’ Project – July & August 2017

Little rescue puppy continues to adapt and fit into our family.  She is quirky, but her sweet and cuddly nature is starting to show too.  She even did well camping in a tent with everyone at the cabin.  Four people and three dogs is a lot in a single tent.


The first photo of July “possession” is a simple one of her with the coveted blue bone inside at the cabin.

Dave: Hey Agnes, how did you get the big blue bone? Last time I saw it Bruno was carrying it around.
Agnes: Well, I wanted it, so I just took it.
Dave: Really? That simple?
Agnes: Well, he may have been distracted a bit.
Dave: Distracted by what?
Agnes: Sleep. He was taking a nap, and probable still is.
Dave: And what is your plan when he wakes up?
Agnes: Tell him that I don’t really have his bone and that it’s all just an elaborate dream.
Dave: And if that doesn’t work?
Agnes: I’m a lot faster than the big guy, so either way the bone stays as mine.

Rescue Puppy

Her second photo of July saw her taking full advantage of the softest spot in the house.  Apparently she didn’t want to move when we were making the bed.

Dave: Hey Rescue Puppy, how’s living the good life?
Agnes: Living the good life is good, but why do you keep calling me rescue puppy?
Dave: Well, just over three months ago you were living in a kennel at “We All Need a Rescue” with many other dogs, but no kids to play with and no human pillows to take over.
Agnes: Yeah, hard to believe it.
Dave: Sure is. I’m glad you’ve decided to make yourself at home.
Agnes: Me too. And you’re welcome for me rescuing you.
Dave: Really? Rescuing us?
Agnes: Yup. I bet life was pretty boring with just two dogs and two kids in here. So, the way I see it I rescued you from a life of boredom and being able to easily find your shoes.
Dave: When you put it like that, thank you. Except for the shoes. The hide-and-shoe-seek game could end any time now.
Agnes: You are welcome. Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got some sleep to catch up on.

End of the Ice

This August photo “the end of the ice” was when she got to come outside and check out the last of the ice cubes in the bowl with a GoPro in the bottom.  Love those Yoda ears.

Lets Be Wolves

The last August photo “lets be wolves” in her project was a spontaneous grab.  One day at the cabin it was decided that we should all spend a night camping in the tent. That’s right – two adults, two kids and three dogs in a tent. In 30 km/h winds. What is lacked in sleep, it more than made up in fun.  I grabbed this shot before bringing Bruno down for the evening. My wife and kids were in the tent with Eva and Agnes. The shadows being cast were too much to pass up, so I ran back inside grabbed the camera, adjusted the settings (ISO, aperture and focus) and got one photo off before the dogs moved and the shadow theater stopped.

Agnes: Hey Eva, lets put on a play with our shadows!
Eva: Great idea. Lets do shadow puppet theater.
Agnes: Awesome. I’ll be the big bad wolf and you can be little red riding hood.
Eva: Why do you get to be the wolf while I have to be the human?
Agnes: Because you have those crazy orange-red ears. They look a little like a hood.
Eva: Dude, you can’t see colour in a shadow.
Agnes: Oh, you are right. Then lets both just be wolves and try to scare Bruno!