Agnes’ project – May and June 2017

Agnes’ project – May and June 2017

Agnes is the newest member of our house, and certainly is the wild card in the mix.  She came to us from We All Need A Rescue (WANAR) K9 rescue in Saskatoon.  At first she was very timid and preferred spending time with Bruno and Eva to us humans.  That didn’t last long.  Now she is a full part of the crew and believes that she belongs on every bed, couch and other soft spot in the house – preferable with a human beside her.

My Big Friend

The first photo of May “My Big Friend” was Agnes with her big hairy brother.  I love their smiles here.  Bruno still had a few reservations about little Agnes, but was coming around to love her too.

Agnes: Hi Bruno, I love you.
Bruno: I’m aware.
Agnes: No, I really really love you.
Bruno: I’m aware.
Agnes: What are you aware of?
Bruno: That you love me. And that you have a few issues.
Agnes: Nope, I disagree. I’m totally issue free. How could I be this happy if I had issues?
Bruno: Okay. Then, can you tell me why there are little wet paw prints on the deck?
Agnes: I got a little excited, so I peed on my foot.
Bruno: See, issues.
Agnes: Nope. If it doesn’t bug me, then it’s not an issue. Pee on paw or not, I’m hanging with my big friend so I don’t have any issues.

Eating th Puppy

The second photo of May “eating the puppy” is one of her fitting in well.  Fitting into Bruno’s mouth that is. Sometimes I’m amazed at how these guys play. She seems to love it when he play wrestles with her like this. It might explain why her head often smells like his breath. I think Agnes is fitting in quite well, even if she is too preoccupied to participate in the dogversation.

Dave: Bruno, what are you doing with Agnes?
Bruno: I’m eating her.
Dave: I don’t think that’s allowed.
Bruno: Would it sound better if I said I was playing with her?
Dave: Only if you have a likely story to go with it.
Bruno: Oh, but I do. You see, sometimes I think she’s a toy.
Dave: Really?
Bruno: Oh yeah, I do. You said that you got her for me to play with.
Dave: That is partly true. We also thought we could give her a good life and that she would be a fun addition to the family.
Bruno: The second part of your statement not withstanding, if you brought her home for me to play with then she must be a toy. And if I squeeze her in just the right place she sometimes squeaks like a squeaky toy.
Dave: Right. You do realize that you’re not allowed to eat the puppy?
Bruno: Well, I do now. Are you going to be firm on that?
Dave: Quite.
Bruno: Okay, I’m just going to play with my squeaky toy then.

The Canadian Club

The first photo of June “the Canadian Club” was at the cabin, with everyone peeking under the flag to check out what I was doing on the lake-side.

Quite Angular

The last photo of June “Quite Angular” was a spontaneous shot of Agnes hanging out in the most awesome puddle of light created by the afternoon sunlight through the window in our back door.

Not a set-up shot, this girl just likes her sunbeam. When I noticed her lying here like this, I had to sneak off and grab the camera from the basement. I also knew that I would have one shutter click before Bruno and Eva came running because camera time equals party time to them. So I set the ISO and aperture while still in the basement, put on the live view and tilted the screen so I could grab this pretty-much straight overhead shot without awakening the clowns. One click is all I got off before chaos entered the frame. But, fortunately it was a good one.