Eva’s Project – May & June 2017

Eva’s Project – May & June 2017

Eva’s project in May and June saw a random collection of mainly spontaneous photos.  Sad to admit that there was no master plan here, just taking photos for the fun of it. She is however a lovely dog and always ready to do photos with me

The Catcher

Her first photo of May “the catcher” was of Eva doing what she does well, catching Shreddies. Those ears have a life of their own. This composition is pretty much SOOC. I thought that I had missed the shot, until I saw the eyes and ears and realized that was all I needed.

Eva: Dave, keep the treats coming. I feel a new Shreddie record about to be broken!
Dave: What do you mean new record?
Eva: You know, the most caught in a row without a single drop.
Dave: But, I only have three Shreddies left.
Eva: Not a problem. I’ll just be able to add three more to my total.
Dave: And you do realize that I have three Shreddies and three dogs?
Eva: Yeah, but Bruno fumbled his last one and Agnes has yet to successfully catch a treat. That just leaves me on the streak, and you can’t chintz the streak.
Dave: Don’t you mean jinx? And usually talking about a streak is the defining moment of jinxing it.
Eva: You can’t jinx me, I’m too good for that. But, chintz is the short form for chintzy meaning to be cheap or of low quantity or quality. Don’t chintz out on my streak now.
Dave: I doubt that chintz is a word.
Eva: Are we standing around debating subtleties of languages, or are we going to get on to feeding the streak!

Some People Thrive in Prison

Her second photo of May “some people thrive in prison” was a spontaneous one of her handing out on the deck with Agnes while we were putting the garden in. Agnes was harshing her mellow a bit but she didn’t let that show.  If our deck is a prison, it is a low security country club version with lots of amenities and frequent visitations.


The first photo of June “cruising” saw a return to the paddle board. Eva sometimes forgets that she is a dog and loves a good paddle board ride. Here she is cruising the lake at full attention. Thanks to my lovely wife who made several passes by the dock so I could capture this shot of her on the board.

High Security

And her June project ended with a relaxing view from above in “high security”.  She was taking a little nap perched on a cushion on top of a yet unfinished bench seat. This girl does like her comforts.

Dave: Eva, are you napping on that little pillow there?
Eva: Well, I was. The you started yabbering at me about napping on the pillow and I woke up.
Dave: Fair enough. But seriously, on that little pillow?
Eva: Yup. I heard that you guys were waiting on the bench seat to protect the laminate on this bench, so thought I would grab some z’s on this little cushion. I’m nothing if not respectful.
Dave: Truth be told, those cushions were put there as a deterrent to dogs jumping up. We though they were small and wobbly.
Eva: They are, but I have good balance. That and how am I supposed to do my job of home security if I can’t be up high enough to to look into the park?
Dave: Um Eva, there’s one problem with that.
Eva: Really, I thought it was a perfectly good excuse.
Dave: The park’s behind you.