Bruno’s Project – June 2017

Bruno’s Project – June 2017

June saw the serious start of cabin season, which is Bruno’s favorite season by far.  It also saw a visit form a land shark, the muffin man, the lazy Canuck and a flying retriever.

Little Land Shark

Week 22’s photo “little land shark” was him playing with Agnes on the deck of the cabin, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor toys.  And yes, the title is in reference to the classic SNL skit from the 1970’s which makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Agnes: Land shark!
Bruno: Nope. Pretty sure you’re not. And I’m not giving you this toy.
Agnes: No really, I’m a land shark!
Bruno: Nope. Pretty sure you’re not.
Agnes: If I’m not a land shark, then why do my teeth keep falling out and new ones come right back in?
Bruno: I’m pretty sure thats because you’re a puppy, not a land shark.
Agnes: If I’m not a land shark, then why do my ears flip back when I attach at high speed.
Bruno: I’m pretty sure sharks don’t have floppy ears.
Agnes: Sharks may not, but land sharks do.
Bruno: Oh. You might have a point there.
Agnes: Yup. I totally do. I even had Eva send an email to Discovery channel for me. I’m asking if they can feature me on land shark week.
Bruno: Really? There’s such a thing as land shark week? That would be cool.
Agnes: Yup. Totally cool. And the people fro Discovery channel think that I’m such a scary land shark that you should give me that toy to play with.
Bruno: I’ll wait for land shark week to see for myself. Until then, the toy is mine.


The Muffin Man

Week 23 was a simple shot at home of Bruno trying to convince me that he is indeed “the muffin man”

Bruno: Hey Dave, do you know the muffin man?
Dave: The one from the children’s song?
Bruno: Nope. The one right in front of you. Hook me up!
Dave: Just because you’ve given yourself the nickname of the muffin man doesn’t mean that I’m giving you a whole toasted english muffin with Saskatoon berry and raspberry jam.
Bruno: How about half an english muffin?
Dave: Still no.
Bruno: Are you sure about that?
Dave: Quite.
Bruno: Oh, well that’s a bit of a disappointment.
Dave: I am very sorry.
Bruno: Hey Dave, do you know the jam man?
Dave: There’s a children’s song about a jam man?
Bruno: Nope. But there is a jam man right in front of you. Hook me up!
Dave: I have a feeling I know where this is going.
Bruno: As long as it ends up with me getting some english muffin and jam lets just skip to the happy ending.

The Lazy Canuck

Week 24 “the lazy canuck” was a shot from below with Bruno, hanging out on the deck overlooking the water at the cabin. The flag lives on the railing, and is a part of cabin life. Seems that people appreciate what it means to be a Canadian more when we’re up her surrounded in nature.

Bruno: Hey Dave, I think you forgot me up here.
Dave: What do you mean?
Bruno: Well, there’s a lake behind you. And we both know how much I love lakes.
Dave: Yes, I know that the lake is here. But we just arrived and it’s pretty chilly and late in the day, so I thought the swimming could wait until tomorrow.
Bruno: I disagree.
Dave: Sorry. I do feel bad for you.
Bruno: Bad enough let me down there so I can hang out with you instead of being locked up here with freckles and cracker-jack?
Dave: Tomorrow. I promise.
Bruno: Okay. The I’m just going to stretch out here and take a nap.
Dave: Really, a nap? I thought you slept the whole way up here in the car.
Bruno: I definitely did that. But I need another nap so I can be super well rested. Tomorrow starts with first light at 5am, and I need to have lots of energy to be ready to wake you up with noisy tail wags so we can hit the water at first light.

The Flight of the Retriever

Finishing off June saw Bruno taking full flight off the dock in “the flight of the retriever”.  I love those curled back toes.

Bruno: Hey Dave, I have a great idea.
Dave: What’s that?
Bruno: We should do this every day.
Dave: What, hang out at the cabin?
Bruno: Not just hang out here, get serious hang time here. Sometimes I think I was born to dock jump. It might even be my calling in life.
Dave: I thought you told me that cuddling with your humans was your calling.
Bruno: True that.
Dave: And the other day you told me that eating biscuits was your calling.
Bruno: That does sound like me.
Dave: And before that you told me that bringing happiness into everyone’s life was your calling.
Bruno: Yup, that’s true too.
Dave: So how do we know that this is your true calling in life?
Bruno: Well, how will we know that it isn’t unless we try it every day?
Dave: And what about all of those other callings?
Bruno: Oh. We can do them every day too. I wouldn’t want to miss out on the cuddles, biscuits and happiness.