Bruno’s Project – May 2017

Bruno’s Project – May 2017

May was a relaxed month for Bruno’s project with no action shots to be had.

Week 18 was the first group portrait for the three pups, and it surprisingly turned out better than anticipated.  I got it on only the 83rd attempt (not exaggerating).  Treats are a good motivating force in our house.

Dave: Okay everyone, lets do a group portrait.
Bruno: Why?
Dave: I thought it would be a good idea to get one of all three of you together looking cute.
Eva: I have some reservations about this.
Dave: I have treats.
Eva, Bruno & Agnes: Awesome!
Dave: Alright. Lets start with Bruno lying down here.
Bruno: Why?
Dave: I have treats.
Bruno: Oh yeah. I forgot.
Dave: Agnes, now you lie down next to Bruno:
Agnes: This is so cool. I love him.
Bruno: Uh, Dave… the puppy touched me.
Dave: She’s allowed to do that.
Bruno: I’m not sure about that.
Dave: I have treats.
Bruno: Oh yeah. I forgot.
Dave: Okay Eva. You lie down next to Bruno.
Eva: Really? I’m not sure that I trust the puppy in this situation.
Dave: I have treats.
Eva: Alright. But don’t expect me to put away my suspicious eyes for the photo.
Dave: Alright. You guys are doing awesome. Just hold still a little while longer … why are you all up and running all over the deck?
Bruno: I thought we were playing musical chairs.
Dave: Really?
Bruno: Well, you were talking in a sing song voice, then you stopped as you were about to click the shutter. So I thought it was musical chairs time.
Dave: Really? Isn’t that the exact opposite of what happens in musical chairs where you sit still when the music stops?
Bruno: That and the puppy touched me.
Dave: Alright, lets try this again. And remember, I have treats.


Week 19’s photo “happy smother’s day” was taken at the lake, during our first weekend trip of the summer.  Unfortunately mother nature forgot that it was supposed to be spring and provided us with cold weather instead.  Again all three dogs participated in the photo, although Agnes is a little tough to spot here.

Dave: Hey guys, what’s up?
Bruno: We’re smothering the puppy.
Dave: Eva, are you having any part of smothering your new little sister?
Eva: No, I was more just trying to nap.
Dave: Any reason why you’re smothering her?
Bruno: Well, it’s too windy and cold for you guys to allow us in the lake, so I thought I would act on the theme of the day…. smothering.
Dave: I think you got it wrong. It’s actually Mother’s day today. A day that you express your love for your mother and treat her with kindness.
Bruno: Nope. Totally disagree. I do that every day for Karen. Today is supposed to be different, so I assumed smothering is the way to go.
Dave: Somehow I should have seen that coming. Agnes, is everything good down there?
Agnes: Mmmmrrrppt.
Dave: Sorry, forgot that you were being actively smothered. Good luck in the bottom of the dog pile.


Week 20’s photo “apple futures” was trying to take advantage of bokeh from our exuberant apple tree blossoms in the back yard.  He had a serious look here, because of the reward cheese.

Dave: Bruno, the apple tree blossoms are looking so good I thought I’d get a nice portrait of you in front of them.
Bruno: Oooh, I love apples. Can I eat some?
Dave: They’re not apples yet, just apple blossoms. The bees will pollinate them, then in the fall we’ll have apples.
Bruno: Oh, so I guess they’re kind of like stock futures except for apples.
Dave: I have a feeling that I know where this is going.
Bruno: So if we consider these apple futures, can I agree to trade you some now in exchange for a big chunk of cheese?
Dave: Then what happens when the apples are ready?
Bruno: I’ll eat some apples then.
Dave: I’m not sure that’s how futures work. If we set a price and make an exchange now, don’t I get to have the apples later?
Bruno: Maybe. But I’m banking on you forgetting this whole conversation in the fall, so I’ll still get plenty of apple slices when the tree is ready.


Week 22’s photo “the storm watcher” was quick little photo that I’ve had in the back of my mind for over a year now, but I’ve been waiting on dramatic clouds to make it happen. It was a stormy week, and there were funnel cloud warnings this day, so felt like the right time to try this shot.

Bruno: Dave, why are we sitting out here on this wet hill?
Dave: I thought we could hang out and watch the storm clouds.
Bruno: Oooh, I’ve always wanted to be a storm chaser. I saw an episode on Discovery Channel last month and they kept talking about the tastiest foods.
Dave: Really, foods?
Bruno: Oh sure. They kept talking about funnel cakes. I hear those are delicious.
Dave: Are you sure they weren’t talking about funnel clouds?
Bruno: Nope. Funnel cakes. Said they look just like ice cream cones.
Dave: You don’t think they meant that the clouds were cone shaped?
Bruno: Nope. Never even crossed my mind.
Dave: I’m pretty sure you got it wrong. Those storm chaser guys are out looking for funnel clouds so they can find and study tornadoes.
Bruno: Can I eat a tornado?
Dave: Nope.
Bruno: Can I wear one like a hat?
Dave: Nope. Why would you even ask?
Bruno: Because I like to wear things like hats.
Dave: I should have known better.
Bruno: So, all we’re doing is sitting her in the wet grass looking at clouds.
Dave: I brought treats.
Bruno: Why didn’t you lead with that? Cloud watching it is! I’ll just sit here while you pull out that funnel cake inside an ice cream cone for us to snack on.