Eva’s project – October

Eva’s project – October

Eva’s project was quite varied in October.  From hanging out under a bridge to finding her published in a book and then a trip for me to Rome.  It was a busy time.

Week 40 “the bird code” was taken under the Idylwylde bridge.

This summer Saskatoon commissioned local born artist Jerry Rugg (aka BirdO) to do a giant mural under one of the bridges. When I saw the mural I had a feeling it would show up in Eva’s 52 week project. The giant birds were too much of a symbol to ignore. Yesterday we made the trip there to do the photos, and Eva made friends with a very pleasant woman who happened to be the artist’s mother. She mentioned how her son did not yet have a full panorama of the painting, so I tried my hand at one after getting this shot of Eva. The lighting was tough, but the whole mural is below.

Seemingly random happenings like this make me realise just how small the world is. It has also reinforced how sharing my photography, including the taking of the photos, has changed many things in my life including moments lived and opportunities taken. For my self this photo is now more than just a photo of Eva in front of a mural. To me it is more about the story behind the photo, and the community that art can bring together.

And a little dogversation to go with:

Eva: Hey Dave, I think there may be something off to my left.
Dave: I think there’s something off to every direction.
Eva: Don’t get too metaphysical with me. I was meaning that there is something important off to my left.
Dave: What makes you say that?
Eva: The bird told me.
Dave: Pardon?
Eva: You know, the bird told me. In the mural. I think it’s pointing me towards a greater truth.
Dave: Really? I thought it was just a really cool mural painted under the bridge.
Eva: And you would also have been one of those people telling Robert Langdon that the Fibonacci sequence was just a giant coincidence.
Dave: You do realize the “the Da Vinci Code” was a work of fiction?
Eva: Fiction schmiction! This bird is telling me that something important is over that way and I’m going to listen to it.

the bird code

river reflections birdO


Week 41 “flydogs” was a bit of a welcome surprise.  A funny thing happened when I went out to pick up carrot cake at McNally Robinson, our local book store and restaurant.  Whenever I go to pick up dessert there I usually take a stroll through the photography session, thumbing through for some ideas and inspiration.  I found this single copy of “fly dogs” there, a book full of pictures of dogs jumping.  Thumbing through I noticed they listed the “top land speed” for many of the breeds, so I looked for a Brittany to see what they clock in at.  When I did find a Brittany, it was Eva.  I was shocked and chuffed to say the least.  The photo credit in the back was indeed myself via Getty’s images.   I had to buy it.  So financially I may have lost on the deal, but I don’t care about that.  I’m just pleased to have found the photo in the book.

Dave: Hey Eva, what’s with the glasses?”
Eva: Just checking out this book. That is one good looking Brittany in there. Kind of reminds me of someone.
Dave: It should. It’s you.
Eva: Really? That’s awesome. How did that happen? The last book I wrote was a list of rules for Bruno to follow.
Dave: I’ve listed some of your photos as stock photos. The author bought one of them and put it in the book.
Eva: Well then I guess that in addition to being famous we’re rich!
Dave: Not really. I think I got paid less than ten dollars.
Eva: Is that more or less than a box of Shreddies?
Dave: Enough for a couple of boxes. But I spent $24 on the book.
Eva: Oh. At least I can say that “Eva the Brittany is famous”.
Dave: They listed your name as Lola in the book.
Eva: Damn. Can we still have some celebration Shreddies?



Week 42 “can we come in now” is a common scene at our house, waiting to come in at the back door.

Eva: Can we come in now?
Dave: But I’m pretty sure that I just let you out.
Eva: I’m not sure that’s relevant.
Dave: Really?
Eva: Yup really. That was two minutes ago. This is now.
Dave: But two minutes ago you said that you and Bruno really needed to go out and watch the birds.
Eva: And we did. But this is now. And now I want to see if you’re eating anything.
Dave: And after that.
Eva: Also irrelevant.
Dave: Really. You’re not just going to ask to go out again?
Eva: Possibly.
Dave: Then how is it irrelevant?
Eva: Because it’s not now. And now I would like to come in.



Week 43 “i am coming with you, right?” happened while I was packing for my photography trip to Rome.  Eva was less than pleased with me leaving, and gave the saddest eyes while packing.  For this shot she is actually sitting in my half packed suitcase.

Dave: Eva, what are you doing in my suit case?
Eva: Well, I’m coming to Rome with you.
Dave: Really? I thought we had already talked about this.
Eva: Apparently not enough because you’re still confused. I have a plan.
Dave: And does the plan involve you flying in a dog kennel in the cargo hold for the journey?
Eva: Hell no. What do you think I am? An animal?
Dave: I’m really not sure how to answer that without offending you.
Eva: Ok. Here’s the plan. I just come in the cabin with you and we share snacks and watch movies on the way over.
Dave: I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed in the cabin.
Eva: Nope. I checked on line. They allow service dogs.
Dave: The last time I checked you weren’t a service dog.
Eva: Oh but I am. The only trick is I don’t offer any services.
Dave: Then how are you a service dog?
Eva: Because I appreciate good first class service – timely meals, frequent snacks and a comfy chair to nap in. I’m a first class service dog.
Dave: I think you may have just offended anyone with a true service dog out there. And it doesn’t work that way. Sorry, but you’re staying behind.



Week 44 “the spaniel steps” was taken while in Rome.  Eva was not with my, so I substituted her for an iPhone.  The photo of her on the phone was taken the week before leaving while she was lounging with the Rome guidebook.  “Spaniel steps” is of course a play on words for “Spanish steps” where this photo was taken.