Bruno’s project – September & October

Bruno’s project – September & October

September and October were relatively lean months in Bruno’s project.  A total of three images to show, all of which were from diverse geographical locations.

His September photo “with great gusto” shows what happens when he bounds out of the water.  I love how the water pours off him when he does this.

Bruno: Hi Dave!
Dave: Hey Bru. Looks like a good time in the water.
Bruno: Yup. Nothing better than a good dock jump. Although bounding out of the water at the end of a swim is a close second.
Dave: I agree. You certainly are coming out of the water with gusto.
Bruno: Who’s gusto?
Dave: Gusto is more concept than a person.
Bruno: Can I eat it? If I could eat it that would be really awesome.
Dave: No. Can’t eat it. It is It has more to do with enjoyment or vigor in doing something.
Bruno: Flavor?
Dave: No, not flavor. Vigor. You know, like when you do something with great relish.
Bruno: Man, if it’s anything like relish then I should be able to eat it! Today just got even better!

with great gusto


His second photo of September showed a common event in our house, watching the park from the kitchen window.  This is the best dog hang out and napping spot in the house. And we thought we were buying the bench for us humans. We should have known better.

Bruno: Hey Eva, how is guard duty today?
Eva: Pretty good. In the past three minutes I’ve seen a total of eight people, two bicycles, three dogs, and twenty-seven birds.
Bruno: Awesome. Can I help? I have about ten more minutes left until my next nap on this bench.
Eva: Really, ten minutes?
Bruno: If we’re lucky. Being serious makes me tired pretty quickly.

guard dogs


In October I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Rome for a photography mentor course.  It was a great time and a complete change to my usual routine.

This is a photo of Bruno with the Rome guide book while lounging in my suitcase the day before leaving.  It is propped up on some old column pieces from the Roman forum, in a public area where they are open to being touched and sat upon.  So yes, I did put him on a pedestal (literally speaking of course).

Bruno in Rome (kind of)