Eva’s project – November

Eva’s project – November

Eva’s project in November saw a bit of a warm November transition into the Christmas season.

Week 45 “she’s still crazy” was a revisit from Kael’s project in 2013 when Eva was still a pup.  Although three year old Eva is quite chill for a Brittany, she can still bring the crazy to the party.  And Bruno is usually happy to join her.

Dave: Okay Bruno. You know how you claim that Eva is crazier than you and likes to get you riled up to play?
Bruno: Yup. She can be crazy like a Brittany.
Dave: I think the expression is crazy like a fox?
Bruno: I don’t think that expression fully captures it.
Dave: Fair enough. How about we do a photo session to prove your point?
Bruno: My point that steak is better than chicken? Sounds like a great photo session to me.
Dave: Nope. Your point about Eva being a little crazy. I still have an old sign that Kael wore for a photo with Eva in 2013 when Eva truly was insane like only a Brittany puppy can be. I’ll modify the sign to say “she’s still crazy” and you can wear it in the photo.
Bruno: Good idea. I’ll sit perfectly still while she antagonizes me.
Dave: Really? You’ll have nothing to do with the crazy?
Bruno: Yup. It’s a perfect plan. Nothing could go wrong.

she's still crazy

And this was the original photo from 2013 …

she's crazy


Week 46 “in flight” was a big day for Eva.  It was the first time in a long time that I let Eva off lead in a park for photos. I believe the last time was over a year ago when she left the photo session to inquire what was in the shopping bags of an elderly lady who did not speak any English yet somehow made it abundantly clear that she was not a fan of Eva. She did so well off lead in the park that I think we’ll be trying it again soon.

No dogversation today, just a flying dog with ears too big to be captured in this photo. My fault for not giving her enough room to bounce in the frame.



Week 47 “the nose” was a simple shot on the kitchen floor.

Oh that Brittany nose.  Freckled and always working.  Birds in the park, dirty laundry, food, the smell under the bathroom door, and any scents that I happened to bring home from work on my shoes.  Plus many more that I will never know about.  Just one of the things that we love about her



Week 48 in the 52 weeks group was a challenge week where you are supposed to “tribute or imitate” another photo that you admire in the group.  For this challenge I chose a photo “a peaceful moment shared” by another group member who goes by the screen name of “yookyland”.  I always enjoy these tribute challenges as they let you work on a concept, but try and add your own spin to it.

“cuddles and cocoa” was our take on this photo.  For our version my daughter was more than happy to hang out on the floor with Eva while having a hot chocolate.  And who says being a model doesn’t come with it’s perks?

Julia: Hi Eva, want to hang out with me by the tree?
Eva: Sure do! Want to share some of those marshmallows?
Julia: Um, I can’t. They’re half melted in cocoa and chocolate isn’t good for dogs.
Eva: Oh. Well next time can you bring some spares?
Julia: I did. And you ate them.
Eva: I mean more spare marshmallows.
Julia: Sorry, we don’t have any more. I guess you’ll have to wait and ask Santa for some.
Eva: I’m not a big fan of waiting. How about instead of waiting you let me shove my snout in the half melted marshmallows so I can have a big white beard like Santa right now?
Julia: That might get you on the naughty list.
Eva: Only if I don’t frame Bruno for it. Now how about bringing that mug over here?