Bruno’s 2016 project – May and June

Bruno’s 2016 project – May and June

May and June have come and gone.  And five more photos have been added to Bruno’s project.  Enjoying what summer has to offer – plus a little light reading.

His first May photo “take me out to the ball game” was from at my son’s baseball game.  Bruno and Eva loved coming out to the games to watch all of the fun.

Bruno: Dave, can I have the ball?
Dave: Nope. We’ve been over this before – this is Daniel’s baseball game. The balls are for the kids.
Bruno: Oh. But they’re a great texture and they fit in my mouth well.
Dave: I hear you, but they’re for the kids.
Bruno: Oh. Are you sure I can’t have one?
Dave: Yes. Very sure.
Bruno: Oh. In that case, can I have a glove?
Dave: A glove? why would you want a glove?
Bruno: So someone will throw me a ball. I really do want one.

take me out to the ball game


His second photo of May “good dog 2.0” was a revisit of a shot from 2014 when he was only 2 months old.  It amazes me how much he has grown.

Dave: Hi Bruno! Are you ready for a little photo session?
Bruno: Yup. Totally ready. Can it involve snacks?
Dave: More than you can imagine. Remember how when you were a pup and I took your food bin in the yard then got a picture of you inside of it?
Bruno: If I say that I remember, will you give me a treat?
Dave: Sure. Well, this photo will be a recreation except you will be sitting behind the bin with your head in it to show how big you have gotten. I’ll even let you snack on the kibble in it.
Bruno: Nope. Can’t do that. It’s scary. I’m afraid it will eat me if I put my head inside.
Dave: Why would it eat you?
Bruno: Revenge. I think it’s mad at me because you keep giving me all the food it tries to collect.
Dave: If that logic hold true, shouldn’t I be the one afraid of it?
Bruno: Well, I don’t see you putting your head in it.
Dave: True enough.
Bruno: So, if we’re going to do this photo, first you have to knock the bin onto it’s side so I can sneak up on it to eat the treats inside.

a little bigger

Here is the original photo we were following up on:



Bruno’s last photo of May  “imagine everything that you do not know” was him pondering an excerpt of a book by Jessica Hagy “how to be interesting”.  Not that Bruno needs any help being interesting, but this quote struch me as quite appropriate for the big guy.

Bruno: Hey Dave, can you help me out with this book?
Dave: Sure. Never pegged you for much of a reader.
Bruno: Yeah. For some reason the letters always look upside down to me.
Dave: You can’t figure that one out?
Bruno: Nope. It’s a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. A true mystery of the universe.
Dave: Well, it’s a book with simple statements to get people thinking. This one is says to “Imagine Everything that you do NOT know”.
Bruno: Why?
Dave: It’s designed to keep one humble. There is supposed to be comfort in admitting that there are many things we will never know.
Bruno: Oh. If I get any more comfortable I may fall asleep again.
Dave: That is a danger.
Bruno: Can I tell you something?
Dave: Of course.
Bruno: Well, if I’m supposed to imagine everything that I do not know, we may be here quite a while.

imagine everything you do not knwo


In June we put to dock in, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the pups.  From a mighty shake to mighty dock dives.  His first shot of June was “the sprinkler”.

Dave: Woah, good shake Bru.
Bruno: Yup. Got most of the water off. Now to get some more on!
Dave: Before that happens I need to ask you a question.
Bruno: Sure. But can you make it quick. I feel a cannonball coming on.
Dave: Do those tremendous shakes ever make you feel dizzy?
Bruno: It depends. What does dizzy mean?
Dave: Its a feeling. Some people would describe it as “a feeling of being unsteady, confused, and maybe a little amazed by the world around you”
Bruno: Dude. Unsteady, confused and amazed is how I live my life! No better or no worse from the shaking.



His second shot of June was also from the lake.  This boy can fly off the dock.  If only they had dock jumping competitions closer. No dogversation as I think the big air speaks for itself.



  1. Elaine

    Keep them coming Dave. You need to write a book. I just to hear about Bruno’s ventures seeing I met him as a baby.

    • dave

      Thanks. A book is a long term dream – but glad to know I’d have at least one customer. He keeps being funny so I’ll keep the stories coming.

  2. Carol

    Love the dock dive!!!

    • dave

      And he loves to dock dive too. I think he was born to do it. I just wish someone would put on a competition close to home.