Eva’s project – June

Eva’s project – June

Hard to believe that the project is now half finished.

Week 23 “the official start of summer” featured a staple of summer in our family – dock diving at the cabin.   No fancy dogversation to go with, as they were too busy to talk.

Dave: Hey Eva. How’s it going?
Eva: Can’t talk. Gotta swim!
Dave: Bruno. All good with you?
Bruno: Can’t talk. Gotta fly!

the official start of summer


Week 24 “puddle paws” was a quick photo shoot in the park the morning after a heavy rain storm.  When life gives me puddles, I have a desire to photograph them.

Dave: Ok Eva, can you stand in this puddle here?
Eva: Why?
Dave: For a photo.
Eva: Are there cookies involved?
Dave: Yes. There always are.
Eva: Then Yes.
Dave: And they happen to be those new organic chicken and apple ones.
Eva: Then Hell Yes!

puddle paws


Week 25 “worm patrol” was Eva contemplating life while at a park in a small grove of trees.   And yes, we did have a little dogversation about it.

Eva: Hey Dave, What do you know about earthworms?
Dave: Not a ton. Just that they live in the ground, don’t have a typical skeleton, and are important for soil health by processing organic matter and aerating the soil.
Eva: That’s pretty cool. Anything else I should know?
Dave: Such as?
Eva: Well, I’m curious if they make good hostages.
Dave: Really? Hostages?
Eva: Yup.
Dave: Why would you wonder if they make good hostages?
Eva: Well, I heard the phrase “the early bird gets the worm”, and I was wondering if I took the worms hostage – would I be able to negotiate for a bird instead?
Dave: Please don’t dig up all of the earthworms.

DSC_7233 copy


Week 26 “deal makers” was an indoor shot in nice light.  No dogversation, just my wife and Eva making a deal over a cheerio.

deal makers