Eva’s project – April

Eva’s project – April

April has had a little back and forth with the weather – spring to winter to spring to summer, and all in such a short time.  Eva’s project continued including shots at home, in the tennis courts and at the cabin.

Week 14 “exhausted” was how she came home after spending almost two weeks at the dog sitter’s house.  Apparently is is simply exhausting to spend all day playing with other dogs and keeping them in line.

Dave: Hi Eva. How’s it going today?
Eva: Ask me after my nap.
Dave: I think this is your fifth nap of the day, and it’s only ten am.
Eva: And your point is?
Dave: I’ve never seen you sleep so much.
Eva: Just catching up on some sleep. While you were away relaxing in boring old Orlando, I had to keep all of the other dogs in order and entertained at the dog sitter’s.
Dave: I also understand that you also slept in the human beds every night while you were there.
Eva: Of course I did. What do you think i am – an animal?
Dave: We’ll save that discussion for another time.
Eva: Sure thing. Gotta get back to nap number five.
Dave: Before you do – one more thing to ask.
Eva: Can it be quick? If I’m up too long you’ll start to call what happens next nap number six.
Dave: Well, we just got back from holidays and I thought you would want to hang out with us.
Eva: I do, and I am.
Dave: Really? I thought you were just napping the day away.
Eva: Just because I’m asleep doesn’t mean we aren’t hanging out. Every time you change rooms I change napping locations. It really is quite disruptive.



Week 15 “photobludgeoned” was in response to a challenge in the 52 weeks for dogs group on Flickr.  The goal was to show part of the action.  We had a bit of a snow squall so Eva, Bruno and I hit the tennis courts.  Eva is faster than Bruno, but when he does catch up with her there can sometimes be quite the impact.  She always shakes it off and keeps going though.

Eva: Every hear of being photobombed?
Dave: Yup.
Eva: Well, I think I just got photobludgeoned.
Dave: Photobludgeoned?
Eva: Yup. Like being run into by a big blonde dump truck.
Dave: Well, you are running around with a tennis ball in your mouth, and he is a big simple minded retriever.
Eva: Yup. Love taunting the big guy.
Dace: And you’re feeling Okay after the impact?
Eva: More than Okay. I still have the ball and he still really wants it!



Week 16 “flights of fantasy” found me playing with a funky optic – the creative aperture set on a lensbaby lens.  Made for bird shaped bokeh, which I assume is how Eva sees the world every day.

Dave: Hey Eva, what you thinking about?
Eva: Birds. Always birds.
Dave: Really? I thought you were focused on modelling duties and Shreddies right now.
Eva: Nope. Modelling is easy. And Shreddies are a guarantee. But when the birds start squawking, I stop talking.
Dave: Well put and nicely rhymed. You going to put that on a bumper sticker?
Eva: Dude, whatever you are saying I’m not hearing it. I’m a little bit bird brained right now.

flights of fancy


Week 17 “so happy together” is simply me playing with a borrowed wide angle lens and the dogs in the back yard.  Happy smiles courtesy of some running around, grass eating, and a few Shreddies in my pocket.  No dogversation this week.

so happy together


Week 18 “tweet dreams” was a continuation on a theme of sleep masks on dogs.  Kael had her sleep mask photo in 2013, and Bruno got one in 2016 as well.  I think Eva appreciated it the least of the pups, but she did stay still long enough for this photo.  And she was heavily rewarded for her efforts.

Dave: Eva, how is it going?
Eva: Not great. This mask blocks me from seeing both the ducks on the lake and the motivation Shreddies in Karen’s hand.
Dave: Well, can you work with me on this photo a bit? It’s supposed to be a peaceful photo showing how much you both like your sleep and birds.
Eva: No way. You see, I’m a Brittany. I’ll relax when I want to relax. The fact that you want me to relax is not a guarantee that it will happen. Can you take the mask off now?
Dave: But it looks really good on you, and it even has a bird on it.
Eva: If i can’t see the bird it doesn’t count.
Dave: Does it count that you look super cute?
Eva: Only if I look cute enough to be given a reward Shreddie.

tweet dreams