Bruno’s 2016 project – March and April

Bruno’s 2016 project – March and April

Two more months of 2016 have sped by, and we transitioned from “the winter that never was” to spring and maybe even summer.  But as always, Bruno continues to be big, goofy, and lovable.

Bruno’s first picture of March “life raft” is a shot from above of him in his life raft.  It’s a dog bed that we picked up for Eva, and which fits her perfectly.  But somehow he truly believes that it is his and that he actually fits in the thing.  Funny thing is it is now more his than hers.

life raft


Bruno’s second picture of March “beware of buffalo” was actually taken while we were away on a family holiday in Orlando.  I took a quick photo of him before going and then just had to find the right opportunity to grab a photo of that picture while on the trip.  This painted rock at Disney’s Animal Kingdom provided the appropriate background – as we often think of him as a big blonde buffalo.

beware of buffalo


April saw the arrival of early summer, so the city unlocked the tennis courts and put up the nets.  When we awoke one Sunday morning to a small snowfall it was time to take the dogs for a romp in the empty tennis courts.  We don’t usually let Bruno have tennis balls as he seems to rub the skin off his lips with them, but running around the tennis courts is a special treat that deserved the ball.  End result is a photo called “wizard”, and a lot of fun for the pups.

Bruno: Hey Dave!
Dave: What’s up big guy?
Bruno: I can fly! I can fly!
Dave: Totally impressive. Great air and very coordinated looking.
Bruno: I know. I’m awesome!
Dave: That you are.
Bruno: And you know what else? I’m also a wizard.
Dave: Really? I never saw that one coming.
Bruno: Yup. Total mad wizard skills.
Dave: Really? I’ve never met a wizard before who can’t figure out how to shake a paw.
Bruno: The fact that I can’t remember how to do that is more a reflection on you as a teacher than on me as a student. And it doesn’t matter because wizards don’t need to shake paws.
Dave: Then what do wizards do?
Bruno: They can fly! So get out of my way muggle because I’m coming through! Next step – quidditch practice.

the wizard


The second photo of April “eyes closed happy” was simply playing with a wide angle lens in the back yard.

Dave: Bruno and Eva you guys are looking pretty happy.
Eva: Yup – ate some grass, ran in circles. And now I just found out that you have a pocket full of Shreddies.
Dave: And Bruno, how are you doing?
Bruno: Eyes closed happy.
Dave: Pardon me?
Bruno: It’s a little something that happens to us goldens. When we get super happy we can’t keep our eyes open. The smile gets so big that it closes our eyes.
Dave: And that’s a good thing?
Bruno: A great thing. Unless we need to see where we’re going. But that’s usually not a problem because when we’re this happy our rear ends are wagging so hard that it makes going anywhere pretty hard anyway.

eyes closed happy


And we ended April at the cabin with a photo “slumber party”.  This was a bit of a revisit to a 2013 photo of Kael wearing a sleep mask on this same bed, and Eva also got one the same weekend.  Bruno is a bit of a nightmare to share the bed with.  Really big, moves a lot and thinks he should sleep on top of people’s legs instead of beside them.  So, he does not spend the night in bed.  The slumber party sleep mask fits his personality pretty darn well.

Dave: Hey Bru, what’s with the sleep mask?
Bruno: Just thought I’d try it out. I hear they’re really good for sleep hygiene.
Dave: Sleep hygiene?
Bruno: Yup. Proper sleeping habits to make for a restful night of sleep. Maybe by wearing the mask I will sleep better and feel more refreshed in the morning.
Dave: So, if you wear the mask all night I can only assume that you avoid waking up when the sun rises then prancing around the bed wagging your tail into all sorts of noisy things until I wake up?
Bruno: Nope. I can’t promise that. My goal is to wake up more refreshed and ready to go.
Dave: But isn’t the point of the mask to keep the light from waking you up?
Bruno: Did you even read it? It’s a slumber party! And what kind of a party would if be if I wasn’t wagging my tail and acting like an idiot?