26 bridges – the Lego traffic bridge

26 bridges – the Lego traffic bridge

The fifth of my bridge photo project is a bit of an atypical one.  The real traffic bridge is in the process of being demolished, but it shall live on in Lego form.  A local Lego enthusiast Andre Lalonde has made a five span replica of the bridge, and it is very impressive.  Very cool attention to detail.

I met up with Andre at the WDM in Saskatoon when his bridge was on display as part of the model railroad show.  He kindly arranged for me to have early access so I could work with the camera and tripod before the general public arrived.  An article about Andre is linked below the photos.

The first couple are a classic view for me as I used to cross this bridge to get to our first house in Saskatoon.    The lighting was awkward, and I do prefer the black and white to the colour version.


DSC_3107 bw small

After these shots I wanted to add some personality to the shots, so the Lego minifigures came in.  A couple on a date along the bridge.

DSC_3173 bw small

It wasn’t until processing that I noticed the guy had a bit of a mean look on his face. A little bit of a creep factor here.

DSC_3210 small bw

My favorite of the day turned out to be this one below.  To me the angle works well, and for those that knew it the traffic bridge is identifiable by the out of focus load limit sign in the background.  My final selection for photo #5.

DSC_3147 small

More about Andre and the bridge are linked here …