Eva’s 2016 project – March

Eva’s 2016 project – March

March has come and gone – and with it winter seems to have left.




Week 10’s photo “frozen sunrise” was taken during a weekend trip to the cabin.  Always such a different feeling there in the winter, and 3 months from now she will be dock jumping from this spot, instead of meditating in the snow.

Dave: Good morning Eva.
Eva: Morning.
Dave: Man, it’s a beautiful morning to be at the lake.
Eva: I agree, but it could be better.
Dave: What do you mean? It’s pretty warm, the sun is rising, we’ve got a bag full of treats and there is not another living soul on the lake at this moment.
Eva: Those all are good things. But there is one thing I’d love to do.
Dave: What’s that?
Eva: Shove my head as far as it will go into those holes in the snow by the shore line. On our way out here I got a whiff of something down there, and now I just want to follow my nose back for some more.

frozen sunrise


Week 11’s photo “the ceramic birds” came a couple of weeks after her third birthday.  We just picked up these decorations for at the cabin, and they made a pretty irresistible photo prop.

Eva: Dave! I found some birds!
Dave: Good job. Looks like you have them under control.
Eva: Yup. Total control. But why aren’t they moving?
Dave: They must be petrified of the bird dog in house.
Eva: Then why don’t they smell like birds?
Dave: I don’t have a clever answer for that.
Eva: I’m starting to think they aren’t real.
Dave: Yup. Not real. Little ceramic guys that we bought for decorations.
Eva: Did you buy them for me for my birthday? Because I did ask you to buy me some birds for my birthday.
Dave: Nope. Not for your birthday. We bought them for decorations at the cabin.
Eva: By the way … just because they’re not real doesn’t mean that I’m not going to spend a lot of time staring at them.
Dave: Ok. I kind of figured that.
Eva: And, just because you got away with buying me fake birds for my birthday this year doesn’t mean that I won’t expect real birds for my birthday next year?

the ceramic birds


Week 12’s photo “cheese, yoghurt and salami” showed Eva doing one of the things that she likes best – checking out the contents of the fridge.  We often have to step over her to get food items out as she is a constant inspector of chilled food items.

Eva: Dave, I have a great idea!
Dave: Sometimes I’m almost afraid to ask what it is.
Eva: Well, then I’ll start with the backstory, really pitch the concept.
Dave: Okay. How could I say no to a solid plan like that?
Eva: That’s what I’m hoping. Now – you guys really do a good job shopping for groceries.
Dave: Thanks for the compliment.
Eva: Yup. Darn good job. And I really do appreciate the efforts. Especially the cheese, salami and yoghurt.
Dave: Okay. It’s nice to be appreciated.
Eva: Indeed it is. I really like these foods.
Dave: Well, truth be told you only ever do get a little bit of the food in the fridge and mainly as treats.
Eva: Agreed – and I think that’s because of the hassle factor.
Dave: It’s not the hassle factor. Just that dogs shouldn’t get too much of those foods.
Eva: I’m not sure about that. So to eliminate the hassle factor and make life easier for you I have a great proposal.
Dave: What is it?
Eva: We put a doggy door on the fridge!
Dave: I don’t think that’s a good idea.
Eva: What’s not to like? You don’t get hassled and I get easy and frequent access to all of the food products in the fridge. It’s a perfect plan!

cheese, yoghurt and salami


Week 13’s photo “job application” was taken while we were on holidays.  I took a mug shot of her before leaving planning on getting some Disney-related photo with her photo on display there.  When I saw the “bird spotting guides” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom I knew that I had found the shot I wanted.

Dave: Hey Eva, when we were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom I saw the perfect job for you.
Eva: Oooh – I’ve always wanted to be a working dog.
Dave: It is job you would be excellent at. “Bird spotting Guide”
Eva: Man, that’s what I was born to do!
Dave: I know. I’ve seen your work at the house, on walks, in the car, at the cabin and even a couple of times while watching tv.
Eva: Damn straight.
Dave: Only a couple of problems with it.
Eva: What are they?
Dave: Well, the job is in Orlando. It would be a bit of a commute.
Eva: For a dream job like that I’m sure you would be willing to relocate the family.
Dave: That would be another discussion.
Eva: What’s the other problem?
Dave: You’d have to work next to Chip and Dale.
Eva: Who are they?
Dave: Bigger than life chipmunks.
Eva: That’s a deal breaker. I’ll see if they have a similar position at Busch Gardens.

bird spotting guide