Eva’s 2016 project – February

Eva’s 2016 project – February

February saw some winter weather and treat catching in Eva’s project.

Week 6 “Eva and 22 birds under idylwyld” combined Eva’s weekly photo with another mini-project that I am doing on Saskatoon’s bridges.  She liked the walk – at least partly because of all of the birds that call this bridge home.

Eva: Dave, is this the bridge they’re doing demolition on this weekend?
Dave: Nope.
Eva: Ah, good.
Dave: Really, I didn’t think that you were all that into 1960’s architecture.
Eva: I’m not.
Dave: Are I also wouldn’t have expected you to be interested in civic planning and traffic flow patterns?
Eva: Nope. Not into that either.
Dave: Then why are you glad this isn’t the bridge they’re demolishing?
Eva: Two reason. The first is birds. Lots of birds here, and I just love them.
Dave: And the other reason?
Eva: We’re under it right now. That would probably a bad idea if they were loading it with explosives.

22 birds under idylwyld


Week 7 “the peeking Brit” was a capture during one of those great snowfalls, with big fluffy flakes filling the air.

Eva: Hey Dave, it’s snowing.
Dave: I figured that one out by myself.
Eva: Oh yeah. That makes sense given that we’re outside and all.
Dave: Yup. And I love the snow and winter which explains why I asked you to come outside an pose for the photo.
Eva: Yeah. That makes sense too. Although I do love the snow there’s one small problem if we get a lot of it.
Dave: What’s that?
Eva: I’m pretty short.

the peeking brit


Week 8 “lets ride sister!” documents something that we just found out about Eva this year.  She really likes the toboggan.  Something about the wind in her ears and sliding with her family members really appeals to the girl.  The kids think it’s pretty awesome to have a tobogganing dog.

Eva: Hey Julia, shove over ‘cuz I’m coming on the toboggan with you!
Julia: Really? That’s awesome!
Eva: Yup. I feel the need for speed.
Julia: This is great and all, but I didn’t know that Brittanies like to toboggan.
Eva: Yup. It’s what were bred for.
Julia: Really? I thought you were bred as birding dogs and faithful companions.
Eva: True that. But if you read the small print I’m pretty sure that tobogganing is in there too.
Julia: I’m not so sure about that. But either way having a tobogganing dog is pretty awesome.
Eva: Yup. Now lets do this! You, me, a little reckless frozen fun and the wind in our ear hairs.
Julia: Sounds great, except for the ear hair stuff.



Week 9 “my ears got in the way” was in response to a ‘challenge’ in the 52 weeks for dogs group, with the theme of ‘catch’.  We went to the back yard, put a black backdrop on the deck railing and threw some Shreddies.  Love he ears in this one, as they seem to have a mind of their own here

Dave: Woah, I think you missed one.
Eva: Yeah. Pretty disappointed in myself about that.
Dave: I can only imagine. You rarely miss.
Eva: Yes. But in my defence there were mitigating circumstances.
Dave: Mitigating circumstances?
Eva: Yes. But I have a plan. I think I need to start wearing a baseball cap during catching sessions.
Dave: A baseball cap? Why? Did the sun in your eyes?
Eva: Nope. We’ve got a black backdrop blocking that out.
Dave: Then why the baseball cap?
Eva: For the same reason most baseball players wear them. To keep my ears from getting in my eyes when I’m catching shreddies.
Dave: I’m not sure that’s why they wear them.
Eva: No accounting for reason. I bet if they did wear them for that they would catch more Shreddies.

my ears got in the way