Eva’s 2016 project – January

Eva’s 2016 project – January

2016 is upon us and it is Eva’s turn to do the weekly photos.  She is likely looking forward to the project – as the camera and it’s associated dog treats really get her excited.

Week 1 “the Brit is back” is a simple portrait from above.  I love this point of view for photographing the pups as we have so much time with them looking up for us that it really is a comfortable photo – even if the view is a bit atypical.  It came with a dogversation …

Dave: Hi Eva, ready for your first 52 week shot of 2016?
Eva: Darn tooting I’m ready. Been waiting a full year for this but that usurper kept stealing my spotlight.
Dave: By usurper can I assume you mean Bruno?
Eva: Yes. And by spotlight you can assume I mean Shreddies.
Dave: I figured that one out for myself. And you did have a 12 months project last year, which also came with a lot of Shreddies.
Eva: Although your point is valid, I am going to choose to ignore it.
Dave: Somehow that’s more validation than I expected.
Eva: I’m glad you upped the ante for this year’s project.
Dave: What do you mean?
Eva: Changing from Shreddies to the whole pile of heart shaped yoghurt dipped organic cookies that Santa brought for Bruno and I.
Dave: Only one of those is for you today. The rest of the pile is more of a photo prop, and half of them belong to Bruno anyway. And he happens to be watching us do this photo through his kennel so I think he would be pretty upset if you ate the whole pile.
Eva: What the usurper won’t remember won’t hurt him. Now lets move on with the photo so I can move on with the cookies.

the brit is back


Week 2 “the old traffic bridge” was taken one day before planned demolition on the old traffic bridge.  I wanted to get a few more photos of one of my favorite bridges, and she was happy to come along for the ride.  Even if it was a bit chilly.

Dave: Hey Eva, You’re being mighty quiet today.
Eva: Hard to have a conversation when your tush is freezing.
Dave: But I even put on your coat before we came out for walk by the old traffic bridge.
Eva: In case you haven’t noticed, it’s -20c and I have very short hair. Although I have the metabolism of a humming bird, you stopped to take a photo and now that we’re standing still it is colder than Hoth out here.
Dave: Oh. We’ll get moving again really soon.
Eva: Okay. Because for some reason people make these dog coats so they don’t do a proper job covering a tushie.
Dave: I think that has something to do with not covering you up completely so you can still go to the bathroom during a walk.
Eva: Either way, it’ super cold here. Has me looking for a Tauntaun to slice open with a lightsaber and climb inside of.

2-52 the old traffic bridge


Week 3 “eye contact” was a simple portrait in her favorite spot in the house – right in the middle of the chaise lounge chair in the living room.

Dave: Hi Eva. How’s it going this morning.?
Eva: I missed you.
Dave: I missed you too, but I had to go away for a few days for work.
Eva: But you don’t understand – when you go away, you’re not here.
Dave: I do think that is implied with the going away thing.
Eva: Well, I missed stalking you.
Dave: So now you’re just going to maintain super intense eye contact and follow me from room to room.
Eva: Pretty much. With one exception.
Dave: What’s that exception?
Eva: Until I fall asleep. I feel a second nap of the day coming on.

eye contact


Week 4 “I have a bad feeling about this” broke out the vintage toys from mu childhood – the original Star Wars action figures.  I learned a few things about while taking this week’s photo.
(1) Although she was a terror with toys as a pup, she is a total pansy now running for the hills when she knocked Han Solo over.
(2) While they are still super cool – my vintage Episode IV action figures from the 70’s are not what one would call accurate. Blue eyes on Chewbacca? And does this guy look at all like Harrison ford?
(3) I think Han Solo had a leg length discrepancy as this character kept falling over, necessitating taping him down to a coaster.
(4) The language of wookies is Shryiiwook, and Shryiiwook for “I have a bad feeling about this” is “Roooarrgh ur roo”. Ref: <a href=”http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Shyriiwook” rel=”nofollow”>starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Shyriiwook</a>

And this week the conversation was between Han and Chewie…

Han: I’ve got a bad feeling about this?
Chewie: Graaah-waah?
Han: No, not a trash compactor this time.
Chewie: Rooagh-gra?
Han: Nope. Worse than Jabba.
Chewie: Grraaaaaaaah-grrrrl?
Han: Not the hyperdrive motivator. Although it does come with a hyperdrive.
Chewie: Grrrunk?
Han: Worse. Giant Brittany Spaniel.
Chewie: Roooarrgh ur roo
Han: Than’s what I said

i have a bad feeling about this


Week 5 “food goes in here” is officially my favorite shot of the project to date.  Caught her in mid conversation as she was mumble barking to ask me for a cookie.  She really is a talker and I think this captures that part of her personality.

Eva: Hey Dave, Want to do a science experiment?
Dave: First I need to know what the experiment is.
Eva: Well, you put a Shreddie on my tongue and we’ll find out what happens.
Dave: I have a feeling that you’ll eat it.
Eva: That is a likely hypothesis. But we never will know until we do the experiment.
Dave: Sounds reasonable to me.
—— insert an unreasonable amount of chewing and lip smacking while eating a single piece of breakfast cereal —–
Eva: I guess you were right. Looks like I ate it.
Dave: I had a feeling about that.
Eva: Can we repeat the experiment?
Dave: I thought we already proved my hypothesis.
Eva: Not quite. We now have evidence to support your hypothesis with a low sample size. Need to increase the sample size. After all, in science results are only valid if they are repeatable.

food goes in here