Bruno’s project – December

Bruno’s project – December

This is the final month of Bruno’s project.  This month saw a little bad behaviour, some time travelling, a Christmas wreathtriever, and a retrospective look at the past year.

Week 49 “evidence”: This was never the plan for weekly photo, but when Bruno climbed on the table while our baby sitter was looking after the kid, how could I resist?  The photo on the ipad is a screen grab of a text conversation I had with Celina.  Not sure what Bruno was thinking, and the dogversation shed no light on the matter.

Dave: Hi Bruno. Can I talk to you about what happened last night while Celina was here?
Bruno: I had a great time. Really like hanging out with her.
Dave: Well,, she sent me a text that I’d like your opinion on.
Bruno: This is starting to sound like one of those conversations where I should have a lawyer present.
Dave: Not sure we need that. I just want to ask you about this photo. Looks like you were on the kitchen table?
Bruno: Yup. That happened.
Dave: Do you want to tell my why?
Bruno: Nope.
Dave: Really? Nope?
Bruno: Yup. Sticking with nope.
Dave: But, I’m really curious why. You haven’t climbed on the kitchen table in over a year.
Bruno: Yeah, still not going to tell you why.
Dave: Is this about the whole lawyer thing?
Bruno: Nope. Some things are best left unexplained. Makes for a much better story in your mind. If I told you why I was up there, you would be deprived of the joy of wondering what I was thinking.
Dave: So your climbing on the table then not telling me why is doing me a favour?
Bruno: Yup. I’m very considerate In that way.

49-52 evidence



Week 50 “time traveller” was a tribute shot challenge for the 52 weeks group.  I decided to make it a tribute to both another photograph within the group pool (linked here), as well as a tribute to my family’s history with dogs.  The camera is my grandfather’s old Kodak Brownie No 2, and the photographs are all old ones of my family with their dogs throughout the years.

Dave: Hi Bruno, what’s up?
Bruno: Well, I found this old camera and thought I should investigate it.
Dave: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. A Kodak Brownie No. 2 camera. It used to belong to my grandpa.
Bruno: Awesome.
Dave: Yup. I’m a big fan of it.
Bruno: And looking back at these photos is a little like time travelling.
Dave: I could see that. These are all old shots from the time of the camera. Your grandpawrents from when they were little kids. And the old family dogs.
Bruno: Yup. Looks like your family has always had dogs, and Shreddies.
Dave: Not sure about the Shreddies.
Bruno: Totally must have had Shreddies.
Dave: Dude, you don’t need to hand out Shreddies whenever you take a photo of a dog.
Bruno: Oh yeah, when you have a camera named after food, I guess they just naturally stare straight at that magic box waiting for the Brownies to be dispensed.
Dave: Is that what you’re doing? Waiting for the Brownies?
Bruno: Darn tooting. And I’m going to sleep here all day waiting if I have to.

50-52 time traveller



Week 51 “a very hairy christmas” was a simple Christmas shot, with Bruno wearing a battery lit wreath in the backyard.  He’s a big enough guy that I took this from a step ladder in the middle of the yard to get this point of view.

Dave: Bruno, what do you get when you cross a golden retriever with a Christmas wreath?
Bruno: A very patient and tolerant dog who will do whatever he is asked?
Dave: Well, kind of. But think of it more as a joke.
Bruno: A dog with an owner who thinks he’s more clever than he actually is?
Dave: No. Think funny.
Bruno: I thought that was funny.
Dave: It depends on your point of view.
Bruno: The same could be said about the wreath.
Dave: Touché. Can we get back to the joke?
Bruno: I’m not sure this Christmas wreath is kosher.
Dave: Dude, I think it can be safely said that no Christmas wreaths are kosher.
Bruno: Because they have bacon in them?
Dave: Dude, it has nothing to do with food. More about theological differences. I’m going to ask you again, what do you get when you cross a golden retriever with a Christmas wreath?
Bruno: A dog who is really looking forward to his reward Shreddies for this photo?
Dave: True. But the actual answer is “a golden wreathtriever”
Bruno: Oh. I think my second answer was funnier.

51-52 very hairy christmas small


Week 52 “retrospective” was a look back at the previous year.  These are all photos from earlier in the project, and his rapt attention was kept by a cheerio that my lovely assistant put amongst the photos.  It’s been a good year, with lots of fun photos along the way.  2016 will be Eva’s turn to do the 52 week photo project and Bruno doing the 12 months for dogs project.

Dave: Hi Bruno, ready for our last photo of the year.
Bruno: Yup. Always ready. What have we got planned?
Dave: A shot where we look back at the project photos of you from the last year.
Bruno: Awesome, a retrospectacles shot!
Dave: I don’t think retrospectacles is a thing.
Bruno: Totally is a thing. It’s when you put eye glasses (AKA spectacles) on a dog’s behind and pretend that their tail is a nose.
Dave: I’m not sure that putting glasses on a dog butt is a named thing.
Bruno: It is now.
Dave: Fair enough. But that’s not what I was thinking. A retrospective look at something is when you look back at things from the past. That’s why I had all of these shots printed up. What do you think?
Bruno: I look upside down in them.
Dave: I think that has to do with your perspective. They look good to me from here.
Bruno: Nope. Upside down.
Dave: I’m pretty sure that’s just your eyes playing a trick on you because of where you’re lying.
Bruno: Seriously, my eyes are playing a trick on me? I guess I need some specatacles. And when you grab those glasses for me – man, do I have a great photo idea for us!

52-52 retrospective