Bruno’s project – November

Bruno’s project – November

November is done, and that only leaves one month left in Bruno’s 2015 project.  This month saw the weather transition into winter, and the start of the holiday season.  Lots of hugs, a spider-man toque, some king fu fighting and Christmas decorations helped make up this month’s photos.

Week 45 “keep calm and hug a golden” was a fun photo session with my daughter.  Her job was to give Bruno a big hug while I captured his smiling face.  The only problem was that he kept falling over during the photo session so it would turn into a pile of golden retrieve and child in the middle of the lawn.  Gotta love moments like that.

Dave: Bruno, what’s with the slogan?
Bruno: Advertising.
Dave: Advertising?
Bruno: Yup. Thought if I was going to increase my revenues I needed to develop a good and catchy slogan.
Dave: I never knew you were into business.
Bruno: Well, mainly in a metaphysical sense in the way that life is a series of transactions.
Dave: That’s pretty deep. What transactions are you interested in?
Bruno: I think that’s pretty obvious. Hugs. Us goldens, we all love hugs. Big hugs, little hugs, hugs while we’re climbing rocks …
Dave: I get the point. And the slogan is awesome, but I think we already hook you up with more than enough hugs.
Bruno: Here’s another secret about us goldens. When it comes to hugs, enough is never enough.

45-52 keep calm and hug a golden


Week 46 “spider can(ine)” was a quick and simple shot in the back yard.  My son got a new spider-man toque, and it quickly ended up on Bruno’s head. He wears it well.

Bruno: Hey, guess who I am!
Dave: Peter Barker?
Bruno: No way. I’m spider can!
Dave: Really? Spider can?
Bruno: Yup. The coolest super hero ever. Even comes with his own theme song.
Dave: This I’d love to hear.
Bruno: Awesome – ‘cuz I love to sing.
“Spider can, Spider can,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, hairy thighs,
Catches cheese, eats some fries
Look out, here comes my spider can!!!!!!!”
Dave: Love your enthusiasm.
Bruno: So do I.
Dave: I do have to ask. Why spider can?
Bruno: That’s the best part. It’s super clever. I shortened canine to can. Now everyone will know who is the spider can.
Dave: Do you realize that some people use ‘can’ as a euphemism for buttocks?
Bruno: Oh. Well I guess they’re gonna be a little confused because there’s no stopping the spider can!

46-52 spider can(ine)


Week 47 “kung fu fighting” was a shot of the dogs playing in the back yard.  Close-up GoPro shooting gives significant distortion, and the low lighting made for some motion blur on the frame.  I played with the blur, and did some vintage processing.  The overall effect reminded me of an old kung fu movie, so I had a little fun with the dogversation.

Bruno: Hey Eva, I’ve got a great idea.
Eva: Does it have something to do with martial arts?
Bruno: Yup. I’m going to be a kung fu movie star.
Eva: Really? Like Bruce Lee?
Bruno: Yup. Except much much harrier.
Eva: And more likely to put a pile of socks in your mouth while excited?
Bruno: Yup. That too. And I’ve even got a great name for my production company. “Golden Harvest Productions”
Eva: Isn’t that the name of the company that did Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films?
Bruno: If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.
Eva: Wow, that’s pretty profound.
Bruno: Yup. A wise pup can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.
Eva: Dude, maybe I underestimated you. Really insightful.
Bruno: The possession of anything begins in the mind.
Eva: Man, we should be writing these things down.
Bruno: No need. They’re all Bruce Lee quotes. Ripped them off the internet.
Eva: What you lack in ethics you more than make up in plagiarism.
Bruno: I’m going to assume that’s a compliment. Now to move forward, can you help me with some fund raising?
Eva: How ever are we going to do that?
Bruno: Kickstarter. Can’t think of a better way to raise money for kung fu movies than with Kickstarter crowd funding.



48-52 “the hypocrisy of the season” was an unplanned shot for his project.  We were putting up the tree and Bruno was trying to be the biggest helper in the house.  This ‘helping’ often meant trying to move the ornaments around for us.  I love the look in his eye here, so played with some text and a dogverstaion to match.

Bruno: Dave, what’s that?
Dave: A Christmas tree. Something we do to celebrate the Christmas season.
Bruno: Nope. Totally disagree. Looks like an organized pile of sticks to me.
Dave: That is one perspective.
Bruno: And you know how I feel about sticks.
Dave: Yup, I realize that you’re a big fan of them.
Bruno: And I’m now so happy that you’ve reversed the no sticks inside policy for the Christmas season! This is going to be the best year ever!
Dave: Dude, the no sticks inside policy still stands. This is just here as a decoration. It’s going to look great once we finish hanging the ornaments on it.
Bruno: What ornaments?
Dave: You know: angels, stars, crafts the kids made, tinsel, sparkly balls.
Bruno: Dude! Did you just say balls! There are going to be balls on this organized pile of sticks! Best holiday ever!
Dave: Oh man, the no chewing household decoration policy is still in full effect.
Bruno: Good luck with that. Good luck.

hypocrisy of the season