Eva’s project – third quarter

Eva’s project – third quarter

Three more months of Eva’s project have come to a close.  This girl leads a good life.  9 photos in here, a few of which come with ‘dogversations’.

This July photo “what Brittanies dream about” was taken after a full day of playing and swimming at the cabin.  Fully crashed out on the bed at the cabin.  And in answer to what Brittanies dream about – I think it may have something to do with birds like the painting on the wall.

what do bird dogs dream about


This July photo “do you see the toy yet” is a slice of daily life from the cabin.  Jumping into the water after a toy, retrieving it, running back to the dock and doing it again.  A little dogversation to go along with as well.

Bruno: Nope. Not yet.
Eva: Oh.
Bruno: Eva, do you see the toy yet?
Eva: Nope. Not yet.
Bruno: Oh. I guess I’ll keep waiting.
Eva: Yup, me too.
Bruno: Eva, what’s with the orange lead in the water?
Eva: The humans say they don’t fully trust me. Something about the time I swam after the geese into the middle of the lake.
Bruno: I thought you did that twice.
Eva: Yes. Twice. On the same day. With Dave swimming after me.
Bruno: Oh. Now I understand the lead. Do you see the toy yet?
Eva: Nope. But now that you mention them, I’m looking for geese. I feel like a good long swim.
Bruno: I wasn’t the one who mentioned them.
Eva: Pish posh. Just let me know if you see any geese. Or ducks. They’re pretty cool too.

19971194668_5a80c728a6_o (1)


The final photo for July “this is my crazy face” is the facial expression that she puts on when I grab the camera, or some shreddies.  And heaven forbid if I grab both at the same time.  I think this expression shows how she fells about the photo projects.



The first photo for August “squirrel patrol” highlighted a new activity for 2015.  A squirrel moved into the neighbour’s wood pile and needed constant supervision.  Man, does it ever know how to make Eva mad.

Bruno: Hey Eva, what are we up to?
Eva: Squirrel patrol. Don’t interrupt me.
Bruno: Man, squirrels are so cool.
Eva: Cool? No way man. He’s a fiend!
Bruno: He’s your friend? Can he be my friend too? I love friends.
Eva: No seriously, a fiend. You know someone really mean and cruel. Like an enemy, nemesis, or other person that you don’t like.
Bruno: Nope. Don’t get it. None of those words are familiar to me.
Eva: Well he’s my enemy. He’s really annoying. He’s small, moves really fast, makes funny noises and has these weird patches of colours around his eyes.
Bruno: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Man, that was funny.
Eva: Why was it so funny?
Bruno: You just described yourself!
Eva: I’m going to ignore that comment simply because I’m working so hard to protect everyone from this tree climbing aberration of nature.



Eva is happy to go on the paddle board with us.  Not sure if it’s for the water, the companionship, or the chance to smell the surface of the water.  This photo “smelling the water” was from a paddleboard outing with her.  The GoPro botched the exposure (only the second time it’s ever done that) but I loved the effect that generated.  A little photoshop to up the detail in her eye makes for an unusual photo, but one that I like quite a bit.

Dave: Thanks for joining me for a nice relaxing paddle board trip.
Eva: Thanks for inviting me. Always glad to be on the water.
Dave: Would you like to relax a bit?
Eva: I’d love to, but there’s work to be done.
Dave: What work? I’m the one doing the paddling.
Eva: Smelling, investigating, and planning.
Dave: You can smell things on the water?
Eva: Yup. It’s one of the special things about me.
Dave: Well, what do you smell?
Eva: There were ducks, geese, dragon flies, fish, and a man in a kayak who had bacon for breakfast. All of those things passed over this stretch of water in the past 30 minutes.
Dave: Anything else?
Eva: Yup. There’s also a Brittany Spaniel on a paddle board who wants to have duck, goose, dragon flies, fish and bacon for breakfast



The last photo for August “that was not cool” captured a strong look of disapproval from her.  Apparently she did not appreciate letting Bruno play on the grass for his week 36 photo without her.

Eva: That was seriously not cool.
Dave: What ever could you mean?
Eva: Letting Bruno out on the grass for a photo shoot and a good case of the zoomies without me.
Dave: Really, how was I to know that you wanted to join us?
Eva: Your first clue might have been me bouncing along beside you when you got out the camera and Shreddies. The second may have been me sticking my head through the deck railing and glaring at you the whole time.
Dave: Yeah, you’re right. I did know. But, it was just a quick photo session for the big guy and I wanted to get a posed portrait of him without a full scale chase in the back yard.
Eva: I see your point, but I still think it’s stupid.
Dave: Also, do you know that you’re a fun dog to bug? Your various expressions just kill me.
Eva: If it wasn’t beneath my dignity, I would seriously consider peeing in your shoe when you least expect it.



I started her September month with a slice of daily life in this photo “stealth”.  This is where she likes to hang out.

Dave: Hey Eva, what’s going on here?
Eva: Oh man, how did you see me?
Dave: What do you mean. You’re on the chaise lounge by the window. I looked this way.
Eva: Darn it. I was practising my stealth technology. Didn’t expect you to find me so easily.
Dave: Stealth technology?
Eva: Yup. Like an advanced fighter jet or the B2 bomber. Thought if I laid perfectly straight like this it would be the same as decreasing my radar cross sectional area and you would walk right past me.
Dave: And what happens if I walk three feet to the left instead of looking at you head on?
Eva: It’s not a perfected technology.
Dave: Now explain to me why you needed to deviate from from your usual “catch me if you can” method of hanging out on this chair and looking like you absolutely belong so no one thinks to kick you off. You pulled that approach so well that we even bought you your own blanket for on the chair.
Eva: No reason. I just like playing with your mind, keeping the game fresh.

9-12 stealth


This September photo “the flash” was born out of trying panning for a photo in Bruno’s 52 week set.  This girl has some speed on her, especially when she’s keeping a squeaky toy away from her big brother Bruno.

Eva: Hey Dave, watch this!
Dave: What’s up?
Eva: When I have my ears behind my head like the lightning bolt ear attachment on ‘The Flash’s’ costume, I can run like lighting.
Dave: Are you sure that it’s not because the floppy cartilage and soft tissue composition of your ears has less structural rigidity than the rest of your head so it trails behind you when exposed to air resistance that you encounter by subjecting your body to the forward momentum of running while not in a vacuum?
Eva: Nope. The Flash was onto something. Look at me go!

9-12 eva- the flash


The last photo of September “scent trance” in her project was a spontaneous one of Eva doing one of the things that she does best.  This girl is built to smell and investigate things.  Here she is caught in full scent mode at the cabin.  No doubt still smelling for the frog that she found on the lawn last trip to the cabin.

Dave: Hi Eva. What’s up?
Eva: Sorry man. Can’t talk.
Dave: I thought you liked a good conversation.
Eva: I do. But I’m in a bit of a scent-trance right now.
Dave: Scent trance?
Eva: Yup. When I smell something really interesting everything else just fades away into the background.
Dave: Even when we’re having a conversation or when I’m asking you to do something like come over here and sit down?
Eva: Sorry. I have no idea what you were saying. Busy tripping on a scent trance here. 9-12 eva - scent