Bruno’s Project – September

Bruno’s Project – September

September is done, and Bruno’s photo project is 75% done.  Hard to believe how time flies.And here are the moments that were captured this month.

Week 36 “connect four line judge” was a recreation of something that happens quite commonly in our house.  If Bruno feels that he is too far from his people, he will simply pull up a chair at the kitchen table.  Also led to a little dogversation:

Dave: Bruno, what are you doing?
Bruno: Being the line judge.
Dave: Line judge?
Bruno: Yup, just like in tennis. Every good sport needs a line judge, umpire or referee.
Dave: Dude, I’m not sure connect four is a sport in need of a line judge.
Bruno: Me either. Truth be told it’s just an excuse to be up in this chair with my paws on the table.
Dave: Thanks for telling me the truth of it.
Bruno: Well then, I should also tell you that I’ve asked if I get to play the winner.
Dave: The last time you tried to play you just chewed the pieces. Now we have a red piece with a hole in the middle like a donut.
Bruno: Yup. And I’ve been thinking about that donut since then. Everyone loves donuts, I hope I get to chew it again!

36-52 connect four


Week 37 “selfie with the dogs” was a challenge photo in one of my photo groups on Flickr.  The challenge was to do a selfie with my dog.  Last time I did a dog selfie it became a little more popular than I ever could have imagined.  So, it was time to step out of my comfort zone again and do another one.  GoPro on the back deck.  Eva is intermittently convinced that she is my lap dog and will jump up for a cuddle.  Bruno can’t not be involved in a project – and he stole the show (as usual).

Bruno: He guys! What are you doing?
Dave: Hi Bruno. Eva and I were doing a selfie photo.
Bruno: A selfie? Well, that makes no sense.
Dave: Really? You’ve never heard of a selfie? It’s a photo where you take a picture of your self.
Bruno: Dude, it’s 2015. Of course I know what a selfie is. What doesn’t make sense is that there is no self without me. So there needs to be me in a selfie.
Dave: Really?
Bruno: Yup. Really. When you adopt a golden retriever you give up any concept of personal space. I get to always be with you. Everywhere. Always.
Dave: Well now that does kind of make sense.
Bruno: Agreed. Now shove over because if there’s a selfie going on I’m going to be in the middle of it.
Dave: Sure thing buddy. Come on in.
Bruno: Oh look! I found a microphone. Is this thing on?
Dave: Dude, that’s not a microphone. It’s the GoPro camera.
Bruno: I’m not so sure about that. I feel like singing. Can you do back-up vocals for “Crazy in love” by Beyonce?

37-52 Selfie with the dogs


Week 38 “panning and playing” was in response to a challenge to do a panning shot.  Roughly described as moving the camera in the same direction as a moving object to keep the object sharp, yet blurring the non-moving background.  For this I embraced the abstract and photographed a high speed games of chase between the dogs in the backyard.



Dave: Hi guys, How’s the game of chase going?
Eva: Awesome. So much fun.
Bruno: Not so good. Can I ask you a question?
Dave: What’s that?
Bruno: Can we get another dog?
Dave: Another dog? I thought you really liked Eva.
Bruno: I do, and we should keep her too. But I could deal with someone slower in the house too. Might give me a better chance to actually get the squeaky toy.
Dave: You do realize that even if there is someone slower than you, Eva will still be the fastest.
Bruno: And your point?
Dave: She’ll still be the fastest, so she’ll still be the one with the squeaky toy.
Bruno. Oh. Can we get another squeaky toy too? Three dogs and two squeaky toys sounds perfect to me.

38-52 panning & playing


Week 39 “cowstafarian” was a week where my lovely assistant chose what the photo would be.  Although I am still unsure why – she thought that we should do a photo with him balancing his toy cow on his head.  Turns out that she was right as I can’t stop grinning at this photo with the ridiculous smile, made even more ridiculous by the cowstafarian head piece.

Karen: OK Bruno, let’s try something a little different.
Bruno: Awesome. Different like a plate of bacon in the mid afternoon?
Karen: Not that different.
Bruno: Different like a plate of burgers in the mid afternoon?
Karen: You’re getting closer. It does have to do with your toy cow.
Bruno: We’re making burgers from my toy cow? I knew there was a reason that I love that guy!
Karen: Now that would indeed be very different. But I was thinking more of putting the toy cow on your head for this photo session.
Bruno: Sounds good to me.
Karen: You’re not going to ask why?
Bruno: Nope. I love you, I trust you, and I want to spend time with you. So if you want to balance a toy cow on my head to make me look like cowstafarian, I say yes.

39-52 cowstafarian 1