Bruno’ s Project – August

Bruno’ s Project – August

Another month of lovely summer weather found us enjoying time at the cabin and in the back yard.    Bruno’s love for swimming and dock jumping continued to grow, and with that came the stink of a swimming dog with a double coat.


Week 32 “bubbles” was a rather simple shot playing with bubbles in the back yard.  Also allowed for an imagined ‘dogversation’

Bruno: Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!
Dave: What’s up Bruno?
Bruno: Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!
Dave: Do you like them?
Bruno: Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!
Dave: I’ll take that as a yes.
Bruno: Yup. But there’s one problem.
Dave: What’s that?
Bruno: Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!
Dave: Excuse me, what was the problem?
Bruno: Oh yeah, I can’t get them all in my mouth at the same time.
Dave: I have a feeling that you’ll get over that without issue.
Bruno: Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!
Dave: Yup, issue resolved.
Bruno: What issue? I’ve got bubbles! Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

32-52 bubbles


Week 33 “superhero” found us at the lake, with Bruno doing what he loves best.  Flying with the greatest of ease through the water.  Getting this shot was a bit of an adventure, and I love how it turned out as shallow(ish) depth of focus head on action shots can be tough.  I stook in the lake about 15 feet from the dock with water up to my armpits and a rain cover on the camera.  My lovely wife threw his tow at me, then Bruno did this leap making it rain on the camera during touch down and bumping into me on landing too.  No one was hurt, the camera survived, and a little dogversation happened too.

Dave: Bruno, what are you up to?
Bruno: Being a super hero.
Dave: Somehow that doesn’t surprise me.
Bruno: Doesn’t surprise me either.
Dave: And what, may I ask, are your super powers?
Bruno: I can fly. And make people really happy.
Dave: Those are great powers. Anything else?
Bruno: Oh yeah, I almost forgot one. I smell like a very pungent cheese.
Dave: Really?
Bruno: Yup. Heard you guys talking about how all my swimming is making me smell like a block of old parmesan cheese that has been stored in a dirty fish tank.
Dave: Ok. We may have said that. But what makes you think that is a super power?
Bruno You also said it was a super powerful smell.
Dave: Fair enough. Fly on Super Bruno.
Bruno: Oh yeah, one more thing you should know.
Dave: What’s that?
Bruno: I asked Eva to order me a cape on Amazon. It should arrive on Thursday.

33-52 superhero


Week 35 “the canadian viking” was another shot from the lake.  GoPro camera in a ‘fetch’ harness strapped to his back while he jumped and swam. I was able to capture this shot showing daily life at the cabin.  No ‘dogversation’ to go with this picture.

34-52 the canadian viking (3)


Week 36 “the royal pine” was a bit of a play on how stinky he had become from playing in the water.  A $2 air freshener prop, plus Bruno’s smile make this picture shine a bit.  And yes, he did go to the groomer’s the very next day.

Bruno: Do you notice anything different?
Dave: I’m guessing it has to do with the pine scent.
Bruno: Yup. Took matters into my own paws.
Dave: Really? And what matters might those be?
Bruno: It’s something I want to call ‘preventative maintenance’
Dave: Oh, please do tell.
Bruno: Well, I heard you guys talking about how with all of my swimming I smell a little less than fresh.
Dave: I believe we may have described it as a pungent old parmesan cheese stored in a fish tank aroma.
Bruno: Yup, that’s the smell. And although I do find it delightful, I thought the air freshener might decrease the chance of the inevitable trip to the groomer’s.
Dave: I thought you really loved Stacey.
Bruno: Oh man, I do love her. I just wish that our visits could always be purely social.
Dave: But, you love the water. What could be wrong with a little bath time.
Bruno: It’s not the bath that is the issue. It has more to do with her electric dragon.
Dave: I was following you up until you mentioned the electric dragon.
Bruno: You know, the thing that blows hot air all over me after I get done in the tub. Scares the pee out of me.
Dave: Oh, the hair drier. That’s nothing for a big guy like you to be afraid of. It just helps dry your fur so you feel and smell delightful.
Bruno: That’s fine for you to say, but the dragon still scares the pee out of me. Literally. She has to use the dragon on me in the tub after the little incident we had last time.

35-52 the royal pine