perseid shower and aurora

perseid shower and aurora

I am not an accomplished astronomy photographer, and indeed this was my first attempt at it.  However, with the Perseid meteor shower, a cloudless night and no wave action on the lake I thought I would give it a try.  I brought the camera with tripod down to the dock to see what I could get.  Turns out that there was also aurora activity that night.  What a chance to play!

I really like what I captured, and this may turn out to be a little addictive.


This is one of the first shots that I took.  It has my neighbour’s boats in it, and on processing I could see two meteors.

perseid over emma 1

Taken focusing further down the lake.  The treed area without lights is snowshoe island on Emma lake.  A total of three meteors here.

perseid over emma 2

And this one was playing with the northern lights and the milky way.  A total of five images with the same exposure stitched together in photoshop.  It looks a little unreal, but I love how it turned out.  1 meteor visible here for the eagle eyed to spot.

perseid over emma 3