Eva’s 2015 Project – first quarter

Eva’s 2015 Project – first quarter

So, many of my posts have been on Bruno’s weekly project in 2015.  But, Eva has also had a more informal loosely defined project for the year as well.  It’s a monthly project where I do anywhere between 1 to 4 photos of her each month.  A little less formal than Bruno’s project, but still some fun shots in here.

These are the pictures from January to March.  The titles link back to the original flickr post as well.

1-12  ‘neighbourhood watch’ – Eva is a watcher, and keeps a close eye on the street.  Even though not much really happens there.  This was combined with another assignment on ‘one strong colour’, where I chose to go along a red theme.

one strong eva 2


1-12 “i think that last nap was a dud” was a slice of life photo, her sleeping at the top of the stairs.  Even though Brittanies are typically high energy breeds, this girl sure knows how to nap.  Love her ear hair here.  It also let me play with a ‘dogversation’.

Dave: Eva, what’s up?
Eva: Not me. That last nap really didn’t go as well as I had planned.
Dave: Seriously, the last nap? How many are you up to today?
Eva: That was number 4. Do you have any coffee?
Dave: You’re a Brittany Spaniel. The on-line articles about you guys says you have boundless energy.
Eva: It’s 2015. Haven’t you learned we’re not supposed to stereotype? Same with ‘breed profiling’. It’s just not cool.
Dave: Sorry, I was just doing a bit of research.
Eva: That’s OK. I forgive you. Now about that coffee?
Dave: There’s something else I should tell you about the article.
Eva: What other lies are they spreading?
Dave: It said no coffee for Brittanies.
Eva: If I wasn’t so sleepy I’d go on a long tirade about how the internet is full of lies.

the last nap was a dud


1-12 ‘watching’ again caught her in her favourite spot.  I loved how the light was coming in the windows, and shot/processed the photo to isolate her from the darker background.  Another ‘dogversation’ was involved.

Dave: Eva, what are you watching?
Eva: Everything.
Dave: Seriously, we live on a quiet cul-de-sac with five homes and little traffic. What do you mean by ‘everything’?
Eva: Everything that matters.
Dave: Silly me. How do you define something that matters?
Eva: Things that I care about. And in case you forgot, there’s a small tree in the front yard.
Dave: When did you become an avid arborist?
Eva: I’m not. But, sometimes there are birds in that tree.
Dave: I’ve never seen a bird there in the winter.
Eva: That’s because you don’t know how to watch.
Dave: Wow, I’m not sure if I should take that as an insult or just a general philosophical statement.
Eva: You can take it how ever you want, as long as you don’t interrupt my watching.

1-12 watch


2-12 “a little chit chat” used one of my favourite perspectives for dog photography, straight down.  I think I like it so much because it is a bit of an unusual photograph, but such a common way for me to them in real life – standing close and looking upwards at me.  Usually this intense look from Eva means that she wants something.

Eva: Hi.
Dave: Hello.
Eva: Hi.
Dave: Hello.
Eva: Hi.
Dave: This is starting to seem a little repetitive.
Eva: Hi.
Dave: I really don’t get where this is going.
Eva: Neither do I. Usually when the camera comes out, you hook me up with Shreddies.
Dave: Agreed. But why all the ‘hi’.
Eva: I was sitting here looking pretty darn cute. And I just felt a little chit chat was in order.
Dave: Ok then. How are you doing?
Eva: I’d be a lot better with a shreddie. Are you going to hook me up? I’m almost out of pleasant chit chat.

2-12 eva


3-12 “paint it like Picasso” was actually inspired by a different group challenge to do something inspired by a painter.  As I was wondering what to do, I happened across this cool article in Life Magazine’s twitter stream about Light paintings done by Picasso.  With that as my inspiration it was down to the basement using a tripod, long exposure (6 seconds), a flash light and dog treat, and an external flash operated by my daughter.  It took more than a few tries to get this one, but I like how it turned out in the end.

Dave: Eva, are you ready for your photo?
Eva: Yup. I see you have cookies, but what is the flashlight and light burpy thing for?
Dave: We’re working on an assignment called painterly inspiration for Studio 26. We’re going to be inspired by Picasso.
Eva: Woah, I never signed up for that. You told me that you were going to put a bowler hat on the big guy and shove a green apple in his mouth for this particular assignment.
Dave: Yup, that was the plan. But, apparently an eight dollar hat including shipping from China bought on ebay doesn’t arrive as quickly as one might imagine.
Eva: I could have predicted that.
Dave: So, are you ready to do this thing?
Eva: I have two questions. How on earth do we paint with light? Photons don’t adhere to anything. The ones in the visible light spectrum just reflect off opaque objects and disappear – literally at the speed of light.
Dave: I see you’ve been brushing up on your physics. It’s a little camera trick where you leave the shutter open longer then move a light source around while the sensor records where you waved it. We’ll add a little detail of us with an off-camera flash during the exposure.
Eva: That sounds like a pretty dumb trick. I’ll do a good one instead where I make all of the cookies disappear.
Dave: We’ll hook you up. We always do. You said you had a second question?
Eva: Yup. Who is this Picasso dude?
Dave: I’m not much of an art historian, but I know he was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Spanish born guy, talented sculptor and painter. Super famous.
Eva: I’m not sure that he’s so famous. I’ve never heard of him. Did he paint birds?
Dave: I’d have to google that.
Eva: Ok, if he painted birds count me in.
Dave: Got it. Looks like he did some pretty famous line drawings of birds. You good to go?
Eva: Yup. He’s cool in my book.

light painting


3-12 “head rush” was a bit of a ‘Holy Grail’ shot for me.  I’ve longed to capture a head on action shot with good focus on the eyes.  This one really used the ‘3d’ focus tracking on the Nikon D750 to great advantage.  Love how it turned out.  Like a bull coming in on a charge.

3-12 eva head on