Bruno’s project – July

Bruno’s project – July

July saw us really embrace summer.  Back yard kiddie pool, playing at the lake and some general goofiness.  That and a few ‘dogversations’ as well.



Week 27 ‘Bobbing for tennis balls’ was a chance to play with the GoPro in a backyard kiddie pool.  The kids loved doing this session with Bruno as they kept him busy with the tennis balls.

Dave: Bruno, how are you enjoying the back yard kiddie pool?
Bruno: Enjoying it. Best day …. bubble bubble gurgle gurgle …. ever.
Dave: What do you mean?
Bruno: Well, first off it’s ….. bubble bubble gurgle gurgle …. water.
Dave: And second?
Bruno: It’s magic. Absolute ….. bubble bubble gurgle gurgle …. magic.
Dave: Magic? It’s only an 8 inch deep plastic pool that we filled with a sprinkler.
Bruno: I know. You only filled it with …. bubble bubble gurgle gurgle …. water, but it keeps making tennis balls!
Dave: I’m not sure that it’s making the tennis balls.
Bruno: It must be. Every time I turn around ….. bubble bubble gurgle gurgle …. there’s another ball in the pool. I pull a ball out, give it to the kids, and then …. bubble bubble gurgle gurgle …. when I turn around again there is another ball in the pool!
Dave: Really?
Bruno: Yup. Really. I pull it out, they say ‘release’ so I hand it over for safe keeping.
Dave: And how many have they collected for you?
Bruno: At least …. bubble bubble gurgle gurgle …. a hundred. I’m not sure where they’re keeping them, but once this pool stops making them we’re gonna be ….. bubble bubble gurgle gurgle …. in tennis ball heaven.
Dave: I have a feeling that I should tell you something, but it might make you sad.
Bruno: Keep it to yourself then. I’m pretty ….. bubble bubble gurgle gurgle …. busy here. And I don’t really do sad well. I prefer to spend my time being happy.


Week 28 ‘flip flops’ was in recognition of his love of flip flops.  Hanging out with a whole pile of flip flops sure made him happy.

Dave: Hi Bruno.
Bruno: Hi Dave!
Dave: What’s going on here?
Bruno: Nothing unusual.
Dave: Maybe I’ll me a bit more specific. What’s with all of the flip flops?
Bruno: Not really sure.
Dave: Let’s try again. Why do you have all of them?
Bruno: Well, I do really like them. They smell like the family’s feet. They fit in my mouth nicely. They’re delightfully squishy. And they taste pretty good too.
Dave: Are you allowed to have all of the flip flops?
Bruno: Not really sure.
Dave: Well, you’re not allowed to collect flip flops. You have a habit of making the really slobbery, and then eating pieces of them.
Bruno: Can’t argue with that.
Dave: Do you remember that you’re not supposed to eat the flip flops?
Bruno: Nope. Can’t say that I do.
Dave: Man, we’ve had this conversation so many times.
Bruno: I disagree. A conversation implies that both of us participate in the discussion. Whenever one of you humans talks about not eating the flip flops, I usually just start thinking about my own thing until you stop talking. Then I get happy about what I was thinking about. Then I wag my tail, and you humans think I’m cute so you pet me.
Dave: Really? That’s how it works?
Bruno: Yup. Right now, I was just thinking about a big plate of bacon.
Dave: Why am I not surprised?
Bruno: Not sure. Like I said – When you were talking, I was thinking about bacon.

28-52 flip flops


Week 29 ‘concierge service’ was a random little shot on the deck.  My wife had the idea of adding this little birdhouse to give a pop of colour and story to the image.  I had to do a little photoshop on the corners as Eva was standing over me for the shot with some of her hair vignetting the corners of the picture.

Dave: Bruno, what are you doing with the bird house?
Bruno: Waiting for our first guest.
Dave: Don’t you think that it would be better if we hung it in the tree first?
Bruno: Nope. If we hang it there I won’t get to offer concierge service.
Dave: Concierge service?
Bruno: Yup. Totally saw it on “dogs with jobs”. Some fancy hotels have dogs work at the concierge desk to help make guests feel at home.
Dave: I think those are usually human guests.
Bruno: Small point. I think the birds will appreciate the service too.
Dave: What services do you offer?
Bruno: The usual. Show them to their room, recommend places to eat, help them with their luggage, give them a tour of the personalized bird wash station.
Dave: What luggage could a bird need help with?
Bruno: Socks. I’m really hoping they bring socks. Love those things.
Dave: Not all birds wear socks like the big yellow one on Sesame street.
Bruno: Oh. Well, that’s a disappointment.
Dave: And the personalized bird washing station? I didn’t know we even had a bird bath.
Bruno: We don’t have a bird bath.
Dave: Then’s what’s up with this personalized bird washing station?
Bruno: Oh, that’s just a clever way to say I want to hold them in my mouth. Whenever I get excited I put things that I like in my mouth. And I like birds.
Dave: And you think they’ll appreciate that?
Bruno: Only one way to find out! This is going to be fun.

29-52 concierge service (1)


Week 30 ‘shake it off’ was time to be at the cabin and playing on the water.  Bruno now loves the lake life.  Spent a bunch of time with the dogs on the dock, including capturing this shake shot with the GoPro.

Dave: Bruno, how are you liking the lake.
Bruno: Not liking it, loving it!
Dave: Good to hear. Because your dock jumping is getting pretty darn awesome.
Bruno: Yup. I’m awesome. And I even have a theme song.
Dave: Is it still your version of ‘learning to fly’
Bruno: Nope. Heard another one on the radio. By someone named Taylor Swift.
Dave: I didn’t know she wrote theme songs for dogs.
Bruno. Yup, she sure does. It was like she looked into my soul and wrote these words just for me.
Dave: Alright, I’m curious so lets hear it.
Bruno: Awesome. Here it goes ….

‘Cause I’m swimming in the lake, lake, lake, lake, lake
And the bakers gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off

Big waves are gonna break, break, break, break break
And I’m dreaming of steak, steak, steak, steak, steak
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off

Dave: Once again I’m not sure those are the real words.
Bruno: Well, I am. So stop harshing my mellow and start singing with me!

30-52 shake it off


Week 31 ‘gravity is for suckers’ was another shot from the dock.  His dock jumping skills have really improved, and I believe that he got 4 ‘bruno units’ of length on this jump (see composition image below).    Amazes me how fast they can learn things.

Dave: Hi Bruno. How are you enjoying the dock jumping?
Bruno: Loving it. Best thing ever.
Dave: Remember six weeks ago when you had a major issue with being on the dock?
Bruno: Nope completely forget that.
Dave: And how about five minutes ago when you knocked your sister off the end of the dock when you tried to jump over her?
Bruno: And I totally would have cleared right over her if she didn’t flinch.
Dave: That wasn’t the most polite thing you have ever done.
Bruno: It also wasn’t the worst thing. I am trying to feel bad for her, but I’m having too much fun right now for that.
Dave: Well, your jumping does seem to be getting better.
Bruno: Yup. Had a major improvement when I realized one important thing.
Dave: What’s that?
Bruno: Gravity is for suckers! I can fly!31-52 gravity is for suckers 1

And a stitched together pano image of this jump …

pano jump.