Bruno’s project – January

Bruno’s project – January

It’s a new year, and this year it’s Bruno’s turn to do the 52 weeks project.  Bruno is our very sweet and very large golden retriever puppy.  He started the year at about nine months of age, and over seventy five pounds.  He is lovely and gentle, but his brains are not his gift to the world.  It will be a very different project from Eva’s because of their sizes, energy levels, and personalities.

Week 1 was a very relaxed start to the new year.  Bruno simply laid on his back looking relaxed while trying to tough my wife’s hand with his paw that was just out of frame.  An imaginary conversation was held that went like this …

Dave: Bruno, are you ready to start your 52 week photo project?

Bruno: Sure. But, what about Eva?

Dave: Why do you ask about Eva?
Bruno, Well, she seemed pretty set on being in the photo session today. Seemed to think some Shreddies will be involved.
Dave: Yeah, she’s gonna be a little upset. I’ll hook her up with some Shreddies after.
Bruno: I like Shreddies too.
Dave: I’m sure you do.
Bruno: Yup, just thought you should know.
Dave: Got it. Ready for your photo?
Bruno: Do I need to get up for it? I was pretty comfy here.
Dave: Nope, I think I can work with this spot. What I’d like you to do is just chill and lie on your back for a relaxed photo to start the new year.
Bruno. Sounds good, as long as I get a belly rub out of the deal.
Dave: We’ll hook you up.


Week 2 was a little bit of dog shaming – although can you really call it shaming when he looks so very proud of himself? Earlier that week he managed to get hold of the dog collars, and chewed them apart by breaking the plastic clasps.  This meant an urgent trip to the pet store to buy more.  It also ended up making a pretty cool photo opportunity.

2-52 new collar

Week 3 was a fun shot in the back yard following a simple formula:

1 tennis ball + 2 dogs + snow = pile of fun

3-52 dancer and prancer

Week 4 was a simple black and white portrait, using the snowy toboggan hill in the park as a backdrop.  It also came with an imaginary conversation as follows:

Me: Bruno, ready for your photo?
Bruno: Yup, what’s the plan?
Me: We’ll go the the park.
Bruno: Yup, love the park.
Me: You’ll walk there like a gentleman without knocking us both over on the ice.
Bruno: Suggestion noted.
Me: Then you’ll look handsome.
Bruno: Not a problem. Can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure.
Bruno: What’s handsome?
Me: Don’t worry about it, just be yourself.

 4-52 serious portrait

This was a shot taken in a quite similar fashion to one from Eva’s set last year.  I think their physical and personality differences are shown quite well by these contrasting pictures.