Eva’s Project – September

Eva’s Project – September

September has come and gone so quickly and we now appear to be at the end of fall.  Eva’s project continued including early morning photos and a couple B&W close to home.


Week 36 was an early morning trip to a wheat field so we could take photos during sun rise.  I did some last year with Kael, taking home treasured pictures that are some of my all-time faves of my old girl.  Eva’s photo session was quite different as she was more interesting in sniffing and investigating everything in sight than in doing some photos.  Here she is peering over the wheat to see where all of the quacking is coming from.

36-52 prairie dog


Week 37 was a photo that I grabbed while working from home one morning.  Our yard had many many small birds visiting that day, something that Eva found irresistible.  It happened to be the same week that the Apple Watch (unofficially called the iWatch) was released.  So I had a little fun with a bad pun.  Imagined conversation to accompany the photo is as follows:

Eva: Dave, what’s all this buzz about Apple’s new product launch?
Dave: Do you mean the Apple Watch?
Eva: Yeah, the iWatch. Tons of media press for something I do every day. I watch everything that goes on in the yard.
Dave: I believe it’s the Apple watch, although lots of people are calling it the iWatch. People aren’t really sure why it’s not called the iWatch – maybe someone beat them to the name.
Eva: Darn tootin’ someone beat them to it. I already told you that iWatch the yard all day long!
Dave: Nope, not quite the same thing. It’s a new wearable device that links with an iPhone to do e-mail and texting from your wrist.
Eva: Seriously, people are excited about this?
Dave: Yes.
Eva: Can I assume those people have wrists? My paws are too dainty to consider calling anything a wrist.
Dave: I’m not sure it’s just about having a wrist. I love Apple products, yet even I can’t imagine why I would want it. But for some reason lots of people seem really excited.
Eva: Does it have birds?
Dave: Seriously, birds?
Eva: Yeah, birds. Love the things. iWatch them all day long. If Apple’s iWatch doesn’t have birds, I’m not interested.



In Week 38 we were at the cabin.  Sunrises are spectacular at the lake, but in the summer we rarely appreciate them as they happen before 5 am.  One benefit of mid September at the cabin is that the sun rises later in the day.  Here Eva played with Bruno on the decks surrounding our cabin while the sun rises over the lake.



Week 39 was cold and dreary, so the tennis courts were empty.  This gave Eva and Bruno the perfect opportunity for a romp, with tennis balls of course.  Here Bruno is using those massive puppy ears to fly.  Imagined conversation to go with the photo is as follows:

Eva: Hey, Bruno!
Bruno: Huh?
Eva: Dude, when did you learn how to fly?
Bruno: What do you mean? I’m agile, fast, and now I just learned how to fly.
Eva: I think you may be confused about what agile is. You’re 40 pounds of uncoordinated 6 month old puppy with paws like tree trunks and a tendency to over estimate the distance needed to jump on the chaise in the living room making you hit your head on the window when you skid off the other side.
Bruno: Yup. Agile like a drunken penguin with a chronic inner ear issue.
Eva: That’s my point. How on earth can you levitate like Dumbo? Maybe it has something to do with the ears.
Bruno: Dude, did you just say gumbo? Cause I could really go for some chicken, sausage and shrimp right now.
Eva: Seriously, do you only think about food?
Bruno: Not exclusively. I also think about love, lots and lots of love. And did you notice that we’re on a tennis court with a dozen tennis balls to play with? Its like a retriever dream come true. A dream that could only get better with gumbo.
Eva: You are such a stereotypical golden retriever.

39-52 you can fly 2