Eva’s project – August

Eva’s project – August

The year keeps marching forward and it’s hard to believe that August is finished.  This mean’s it’s time to upload another series of pictures from Eva’s 52 week project.

Week 31 was a revisit of a shot I did with Kael.  When the sun hits behind our fence at the cabin the bokeh (out of focus spots) make for an amazing portrait background.  Eva received a ful grooming (i.e. 20 second ear brushing) before this photo, and my wife helped keep her stare at full attention on a cookie.  This is actually a HDR image because her white fur was being overexposed to get the correct exposure for the background.

31-52 more dreams


Week 32 saw more play time for my GoPro camera.  The wide field of view gives a nice curved feeling to the edge of the dock while she launches herself forward into another dimension.  The high frame rate helped get the right moment for this shot.



Week 33 was lovely weather at the cabin, and we spent much of the week paddle boarding.  Eva is extremely agile and comfortable on the board, so it wasn’t hard to convince her to go for a ride for this photo.  Forest fires in the north gave a hazy-orange colour to the sun.

33-52 paddleboard


Week 34 was a bit of a last-minute grab, and I think it may be one of my top 5 faves for the year.  I had other plans, but the weather conspired against me, so Sunday morning came around without a photo.  The 3D glasses I had brought home from the movies a few months earlier made for a perfect prop.  Awkward yearbook photo vs. Lisa Loeb look-alike contest – either way I love how it turned out.

34-52 high school yearbook roy orbison 1


Week 35 was way outside my comfort zone.  The group challenge was “selfie with your dog”.  Well, I decided to embrace the challenge wholeheartedly and do a selfie on the paddle board with my GoPro camera.  Slightly complicated set-up including the GoPro in waterproof housing attached to the board via suction-cup mount, my lovely wife controlling the shutter via wifi from iPhone on the dock, and Eva and I on the board in cold weather threatening to rain.  The first images had the GoPro angled too low, so it needed adjusting which was easier said than done balancing with a wet dog on a paddle board.  This shot was taken while adjusting the camera.  Distorted and slightly chaotic selfie – bit I like it.