Eva’s Project – October

Eva’s Project – October

It turns out that I’m a little delayed getting this blog post on line as today is the last day of 2014.  Where did the year go?

October was another full month for Eva and I.  Her weekly photos celebrated falling leaves, sunrise, Halloween, and ear hair.

Week 40 was a ‘seasonal’ shot as I had been tracking the sunrise angles (SunSeeker app for iphone) and waiting for sunrise to be along the length of the old rail bridge in Saskatoon.  It was an early start to the morning to get there before the sun came up, but worth it in the end.  I just love how the lines came together for this picture, including lines from her lead.  Although I planned for the sun to be in the shot, this pre-dawn shot was my favorite from the morning.



Week 41 celebrated fall.  In 2013 I did a couple of falling leaves shots with Kael, which were calm and peaceful until Eva joined the party.  This year I thought I would start with crazy and have both dogs in the shot from the beginning.  I gathered some leaves and my assistants (lovely wife and two children) dropped leaves on the dog from behind me while standing on a step ladder.



Week 42 was a challenge week in the 52 weeks for dogs where we were asked to take a ‘dutch angle’ shot.  After learning that dutch angle roughly means taken at a funky angle, I took Eva and my kids to the park, trying to time the shot to include the setting sun.  I asked the kids to stay behind me while I did photos of Eva, but they thought it would be better to run through the frame.  End of the day I think it added to the shot as Eva has a look about her saying “I’d much rather be over there where the fun is”.



Week 43 was a busy one in our household, so it was a quick photo shoot.  Taken with her back lit in the kitchen to show her crazy ear hair.  Some people say we should trim it, I’m personally a big fan as I think it gives her more character.



Week 44 was Halloween.  And what better way to celebrate Halloween than by carving a pumpkin to look like your dog and then taking a whole bunch of photos of the two of them together?  Seems like a normal activity to me.  A time lapse of the pumpkin carving is on YouTube and flickr.  15492808088_ce76b06fbf_o