Eva’s project – November

Eva’s project – November

November came and went, and Eva’s 52 week project continued to march along.  Contained within are remembrance day tribute, ‘the club house, using one dog as a tripod and playing in the snow.

Week 45 was another challenge photo in the group where we do a tribute or imitation photo.  I selected a photo by a very talented Dutch photographer Anja with her doxie and falling/fallen paper hearts all around (link).  Since it was also near Remembrance day, I modified to use paper poppies as a tribute to our troops in grateful appreciation of all they have sacrificed so we can enjoy the lives we lead today.



Week 46 was a photo of the dogs in their ‘club house’.  Actually it’s the space under the bed which means space is tight and lighting limited.  I wanted to get the two of them together, but the logistics worked against me.  So a simple portrait of Eva in the clubhouse was what the photo turned into.



Week 47 let me play with a new toy.  In the summer GoPro released a harness for mounting the GoPro camera to your dog’s back.  By the time it arrived the weather had turned too cold to use it for dock jumping as I had imagined.  So once the snow came, I mounted it on the ever patient giant puppy Bruno and took the dogs into the back yard.  controlled the camera via iPhone and wifi, using both video and bursts of photos.  This was my favorite moment of the session, with Eva half-hiding behind an electrical box taunting Bruno with the Frisbee.  I’m also a big fan of how the harness makes hime look a little like a hairy teenage mutant ninja turtle – hero in a half-shell.



Week 48 was another trip to the back yard, this time with Eva showing Bruno who’s the boss.  Even though he is now more than twice as big as him, she still runs the show and bosses him around.  Feisty little girl.