Eva’s Project – September & October – Brittany Spaniel

Eva’s Project – September & October – Brittany Spaniel

Eva’s only September photo was a simple black and white portrait of her serious face in the kitchen.  I was near the biscuit tin and that’s always a reason to be serious.


Her first picture of October was one inspired by Theron Humphrey and his phenomenal images of his pup Maddie.  Eva is my shadow so it took little convincing to get her to stand between my feet for this fall time shot.

Dave: Hey Eva, you’re being mighty cuddly.
Eva: Yup. No ulterior motive here.
Dave: I would say that’s nice to know, but your mentioning of ulterior motives does make me a bit suspicious.
Eva: Nope. Just me hanging out with my best friend in the park.
Dave: Nice to know.
Eva: Yup. Just hanging out with my friend. Smelling the scent of those dog treats in your pocket.
Dave: Is that it?
Eva: Nope. I’m hungry too. And I’m hoping you’ll share some.
Dave: Well at least we have the ulterior motive explained.
Eva: That you do. Now if you’ll be so kind to hook me up I have some other things on my agenda for this afternoon.
Dave: You have other things on your agenda?
Eva: Yup. There’s an old lady sitting on a bench over there eating a sandwich. Visiting her is the next thing on my list.


Her next October shot was one that I’ve had in my head for a while, and it turned out to be one of my favorites of the year.   Eva is my little stalker and her paws under the door frame is something I see almost every time I come up from the basement if I had the door closed behind me.  A bit of an unusual photograph, but a very usual scene for me to see.

Eva: Um Dave….. Dave ….. Dave …..
Dave: Yes Eva. What’s up?
Eva: I miss you.
Dave: I’m aware. But I just ran downstairs to grab something from the basement fridge.
Eva: I miss you. Are you coming up soon?
Dave: Eva, I’ll be up in a second. I was gone for less than a minute.
Eva: I know. That’s a long time. You should have taken me with you.
Dave: But if I bring you dogs down it takes me three times as long to get what I need because Aggie is usually trying to eat Nerf toys and Bruno falls asleep down here.
Eva: Um Dave….
Dave: Yes Eva.
Eva: I didn’t say anything about taking lazy and crazy. Just me and you. Then you can still be fast and I won’t miss you.


Never in my life did I imagine that I would disassemble speed skated the heat mould them in my oven to make a custom fit for my son. But apparently that’s what speed skaters do. The skates turned out well, despite Eva’s protestations.  Not my best quality photo (iphone shot with my finger literally in the frame), but this is a photo I’m unlikely to get a second shot at.

Eva: Dave, we have a problem here?
Dave: Problem? Is there something wrong with the heat moulding process?
Eva: Not a problem with the process. A problem with the whole project!
Dave: Really? But I’m following the instructions on how to mould Daniel’s speed skates in the oven to better fit his feet so he can actually skate in them.
Eva: Dude, you have to get those things out of there right now.
Dave: Eva, I never realized that your sense of smell was acute enough to pick up when carbon fibre is the right temperature to optimal malleability.
Eva: Dude, it has nothing to do with the skates being ready to mould. It has to do with this being an oven. This thing can cook chicken, pizza, muffins, bacon, and lasagna.
Dave: Really?
Eva: Yes really. Now swap out the skates and make us some nachos. I’m feeling beyond peckish.

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