Bruno’s project – November 2017

Bruno’s project – November 2017

We  had an abrupt early start to winter. On November first we had a moderately large snow-storm and are now sitting at a very cold -30c with the wind chill. The cold stayed for much of the month so Bruno’s project has one snowy image and several relaxed indoor photos.

The first November photo of his project was not at our first location for shooting in the morning, but the edge of the pond proved not quite as frozen as expected resulting in a boot full of mucky water and muddy paws for Bruno. And I have to thank my kids for accompanying me on this morning photo session, as Daniel held his lead on the other side of the bushes for this photo.

Dave: Hi Bruno. When did you learn to wave hello?
Bruno: Oh, um, it’s something I might have always known.
Dave: You have no idea what I’m talking about do you?
Bruno. None at all. I just wanted to say that I learned something.
Dave: Fair enough. But, If you’re not waving what’s with the big paw?
Bruno: Oh, this branch just needed a good smack down.
Dave: Can I ask why?
Bruno: Well, it’s between us and I want to be closer. And since you just finished telling me to stop eating random branches I thought a good karate chop was in order.
Dave: Your problem solving skills are working well this morning.
Bruno: Darn tooting. Now if I can just paw-smack this big branch out of the way I can chew my way through the smaller ones to get closer to you.


It may be just us but out dogs really do seem to acquire lots of nicknames. Maybe the number of names he has to remember is why he has trouble learning new tricks.

Dave: Hey Bru, what’s with all of the name tags.
Bruno: Well, the other day Karen came in the kitchen and said in a really sweet voice “Who is Mr Handsome? He’s just so sweet and handsome!”. Then she gave me an extra big cuddle.
Dave: And that explains the name tags because …
Bruno: Well, I’m trying to help her out. She seemed confused. Everyone knows that I’m Mr. Handsome. So the name tags are just to remind everyone who I am.
Dave: Mighty kind of you. And I agree with most of the nicknames, except I don’t get the one that says “Hey you! I know you hear me! Stop eating ice and come inside. It’s cold out and I’m not wearing shoes.”
Bruno: Oh, that seems to be a seasonal nickname.
Dave: Seasonal nickname?
Bruno: Sure is. You only seem to call me that when it’s cold and there’s ice on the deck. You humans are an odd species.
Dave: Well, I guess I can’t argue with that. But there is one issue with your plan.
Bruno: Impossible.
Dave: You don’t have any name tag saying “Mr. Handsome”


Bruno getting a little well deserved nap.

Dave: Bruno, it’s almost 10:30 am.
Bruno: Yup. True that.
Dave: Well, are you considering getting up?
Bruno: Not really. I’ve already done that, accomplished my goals then decided it was time for a nap.
Dave: Wow, all of your goals accomplished already. Good job.
Bruno: Yup. Some might say that I’m efficient.
Dave: Really?
Bruno: Yup. Some might. But the secret to accomplishing all of your goals is to not have too many of them.
Dave: I could see that.
Bruno: Yup. My goals were to eat breakfast, learn some astrophysics, and have a nap. I must say that I truly nailed it.
Dave: Really? Astrophysics.
Bruno: Yup. It’s a good thing that Neil DeGerasse Tyson wrote this book “for people in a hurry”. Let me accomplish all of my goals and still have a nap.
Dave: Cool. I’m sure he had you in mind when writing it.
Bruno: I’m sure everyone is always thinking of me. Now if you don’t mind, it’s back to my nap and dreaming about the big bacon theory and Schrodinger’s pizza box.


It also turns out that half a Bruno may be just as adorable as a full Bruno.

Dave: Hey Bru, what are you doing?
Bruno: Isn’t it half evident?
Dave: Are you being clever or are you deflecting the question?
Bruno: I think it’s more like telling half of the story.
Dave: Doesn’t this leave the photo a little half empty?
Bruno: I do prefer to think of everything as half full.
Dave: So I’m just going to assume that you’re only expecting half a biscuit as a reward for doing this photo.
Bruno: Nope. Full cookie. Just because the photo is only half full doesn’t mean we shouldn’t completely empty to cookie jar.
Dave: This conversation is starting to sound half baked.
Bruno: I can’t imagine anything more delicious.

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