Bruno’s Project – December 2017 – Golden retriever at Christmas

Bruno’s Project – December 2017 – Golden retriever at Christmas

Bruno and Christmas.  Two things that I love, which are even better when combined together.  December marks the end of his weekly photo project, and most of the images do have a Christmas theme to them.

His first December photo had Bruno getting literally wrapped up in the Christmas spirit. He really does like to be involved in everything.

Bruno: Hey Dave, we have a small seasonal problem here.
Dave: What’s that?
Bruno: Well, you know how I like to be involved in everything that the family does?
Dave: Yes. With two major exceptions.
Bruno: This isn’t about the vacuum or canoe.
Dave: Fair enough.
Bruno: Well, it might not have been my brightest idea to help you untangle the Christmas tree lights.
Dave: When did this first occur to you?
Bruno: It took a while for me to wrap my brain around the problem, until my brain got wrapped around by the problem that is.
Dave: I’m with you so far.
Bruno: Well, then I realized that I might be a little too entwined with this project. And if someone breaks out the gingerbread, we might have a major problem with me dragging a tree around the house in a fit of impulse and chaos.


The next photo was taking advantage of a simple Christmas decoration.  He would be a most helpful tester.

Dave: Really? Mistletoe testing?
Bruno: Yup. Seems like a good idea to me.
Dave: And just what does a mistletoe tester do?
Bruno: Well, I heard that passing by a mistletoe obligates humans to hand out kisses like candy. Thought I should get in on the action.
Dave: I’m not surprised, you do love getting kisses. But one problem, we don’t have any mistletoe.
Bruno: Why not?
Dave: It’s apparently a mild neurotoxin and we don’t want dogs or human to get into it.
Bruno: Where you see a problem I see an opportunity. Let’s get some dog treats that look like mistletoe then I can rake in both kisses and treats! I love the holidays!


This photo may not have been my best idea ever as I had to remind him many times after to stop licking the tree for crumbs in this spot.  Fortunately the crumbs wee well away from anything electrical.

Bruno: Hey Dave! It’s a Christmas miracle!
Dave: Why’s that?
Bruno: This tree grew biscuits instead of pinecones.
Dave: Pretty impressive eh?
Bruno: Impressive doesn’t even begin to describe it. A delectable miracle.
Dave: What if I told you that I put it there as a photo prop?
Bruno: Then I would absolutely not believe you. You know how I’ve been extra good this year?
Dave: Are we just ignoring the stolen mitts and shoes?
Bruno: Not so much stolen as borrowed and relocated, so definitely not a bad deed. Well, I sent Santa a letter asking for a magic biscuit dispenser. And I think this may be it.
Dave: That’s the more logical explanation?
Bruno: Yup. Now if you excuse me I’m just gonna start chewing on the magic biscuit dispenser to get to the magical source of the biscuits.
Dave: You do realize that eating the Christmas tree is against the house rules and might cancel out all of the being good that you worked on all year.
Bruno: Dude, aren’t you listening? It’s not a Christmas tree, it’s a magical biscuit dispenser and there are no house rules against eating one of those.


The next photo is the last one for Bruno’s 52 week project.  I loved doing this project with him, but it will be Agnes’s turn in 2018.  Here they are playing a game of ‘battle bones’ to mark the transition to the new year and new project.

Agnes: Ok Bruno, “C7”
Bruno: I don’s see a seven.
Agnes: I mean I’m calling out “C7”
Bruno: Just because you’re calling it, I still can’t see it. But I can see these delicious bones on this plastic serving tray.
Agnes: Dude, we’re playing battleship with bones. Winner takes the bones.
Bruno: Awesome. So I get to eat the bones once they’re covered in these delicious red plastic pegs?
Agnes: Nope. We’re not supposed to eat the plastic. And the winner gets the other dog’s bones.
Bruno: There’s a small problem with this scenario.
Agnes: Is it that you’re losing?
Bruno: Nope. I never lose. The problem is I have a feeling I never knew what I was agreeing to when I said I would play with you. I would never turn down an opportunity to eat treats or plastic pegs.

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