Bruno’s 2016 – January & February

Bruno’s 2016 – January & February

The start of the new year means the start of a new dog photo project for me.  This year Bruno will be doing a more infrequent monthly project, with up to 3 photos per month.

The first January photo “mr. serious” shows Bruno’s serious side.  Something that was rare in his 2015 project photos.  Also a little dogversation to go with.

Dave: Hey Bruno. How’s life?
Bruno: It’s OKay.
Dave: Just Okay? Usually things are pretty awesome for you.
Bruno: Yup. Life just got rough. The Brit stole my chunk of ice that I was chewing on.
Dave: You don’t say. That must be traumatic.
Bruno: Sure is. Even made me stop smiling.
Dave: Wow. Stopping smiling – that is serious.
Bruno: Yup.
Dave: And the rest of the snow and ice in the yard isn’t good enough?
Bruno: Nope. That violates one major principle of being a dog.
Dave: And what would that principle be?
Bruno: Wanting the thing that the other dog has. It’s pretty hard wired into us.

1-12 mr serious


His second January photo “the day my balls arrived in the mail” was in recognition of a happy day for him – three new glow in the dark chuck-it balls.  These are his favorite things in the world with a seemingly perfect compression and recoil.  He can spend forever chewing them – until they roll under the furniture.

Dave: Hey Bruno, do you remember the day that Eva chewed apart your favorite ball?
Bruno: Yup. It made me sad.
Dave: And then when I threw the half chewed ball in the kitchen garbage?
Bruno: That made me even sadder.
Dave: Then when I pulled it out to check the size and it had a Cheerio stuck to it?
Bruno: Super happy. Super happy moment there.
Dave: And then when I threw it back in the garbage?
Bruno: Really really sad.
Dave: Well dude, a package showed up in the mail for you from Amazon.
Bruno: Is this going to make me happy or sad? Cause this emotional roller coaster of a conversation is killing me!
Dave: What if I told you that there were three replacement balls in there?
Bruno: Super happy! But, I have a question?
Dave: Sure, what’s that?
Bruno: Can we cover these with Cheerios? That seemed like such a good idea.

1-12 the day my balls arrive din the mail


The first February photo “hug me” was for Valentine’s day.  The big goofball is just so very very huggable.  And yes, my mother did mail this to him.

Dave: Hi Bruno. What’s with the hug me sign?
Bruno: Got it in the mail.
Dave: Seriously – you’re doing on-line shopping now?
Bruno: Nope. Can’t get my paws to work on the keyboard and Siri refuses to understand my canine accent.
Dave: Well, then how did it arrive in the mail?
Bruno: I have personal shoppers. You guys buy me food, toys, and everything else I need. Baba buys me random stuff that she thinks I would look cute with.
Dave: And Baba thinks you need more hugs?
Bruno: Apparently. She seems to remember me climbing up on her chair multiple times during the last visit.
Dave: And how do you feel about this purchase?
Bruno: Well, a little bit of shame wearing it. But if it works … look out ladies here I come!

2-12 hug me


The final photo for February “catch” was taken against a black backdrop on the deck, catching Shreddies.  He is actually a moderately poor catcher of food – but he gives it a good try each and every time.  No dogversation on this one (yet).

2-12 catch