new print – “victoria”

new print – “victoria”

Over the next little while I will be changing up some prints displayed in Saskatoon, and making more available for purchase.  This post is a small start towards that.

The ‘victoria’ print is from a -40c morning in February 2012, with steam rising off the river and the pre-dawn light just appearing on the horizon.  The Victoria bridge (also known as the traffic bridge) is a fixture of Saskatoon architecture.  It was opened in 1907, but closed in 2010 because of corrosion concerns.  This 2012 photo still shown the south side of the bridge intact, as it has been since demolished.  I have already sold a couple copies of this print, and a large version is currently on the wall of the waiting room at Saskatoon Medical Imaging Stonebridge facility.  Below is a copy of both the image, and how it looks when formatted for printing.

As with all of my other prints these are numbered edition prints.  They are printed on photographic lustre paper and are hand numbered and signed.   Also listed on the ‘prints’ page.



And this is how it looks when formatted for printing (except of course without the watermark logo)…

victoria print small for web