Top 10 selfies of 2014 – in Taiwan

Top 10 selfies of 2014 – in Taiwan

Life is strange and you never know what will happen.  When I did a selfie of myself and Eva on the paddleboard for her 52 week set, I thought it was an interesting experiment, but likely the last selfie I would upload to flickr.


As it turns out, the photo was a bit of a bigger hit than I ever expected.  It has had many thousands of views on flickr, and even made an appearance on the flickr Taiwan blog.  After that I received a polite email from someone with Flickr Taiwan asking if they could include it in an article on the top 10 most interesting selfies on Flickr in 2014.  Pretty cool for my first selfie on Flickr so I agreed.  Turns out that my mandarin is not that strong, but I felt the web page was pretty cool too.

huge in taiwan 1

huge in taiwan 2

And now today, I just received a scan of the accompanying newspaper article.  It is the first Taiwan newspaper I’ve ever seen, and is much more colourful than expected.  This is the 2 page spread …

20150102_台灣蘋果日報_E3_全球瘋Selfie flickr公布年度十大自拍照_全版

I know my mandarin is weak (it may indeed not be mandarin), but I’m pretty chuffed that the only words I can read are “geek show” and “flickr selfie”.