Eva’s project – June

Eva’s project – June

June has now finished so another month in Eva’s 52 week project for 2014 is finished.  Big changes this month with the addition of Bruno to the family.

Week 22 celebrated Kael’s inclusion in Cottage Life West.  Although, to look at Eva’s eyes I’m not sure celebration was the word she would have chosen.  More like contemplation and waiting for a cheerio.

22-52 cottage life 4


Week 23 saw us playing with a ‘flirt pole’ in the back yard.  Flirt pole is a stick with a toy tied on, allowing the dog to quickly chase the toy when it’s swung in a circle.  Good times, and Eva is always smart enough to catch it.

23-52 fishing for brits


Week 24 was a creative prompt called “the best part”.  Fortunately we were taking a trip up to the cabin as it is the ebst part of summer for us.  This was also the first weekend having the dock in at the cabin.  Eva was a little unsure of the whole jumping thing.  Her long lead was cloned out for this photo.



Week 25 was a quick shot.  It had been raining most of the week and I was working longer hours.  The puddles were great, so my wife helped me capture this reflection shot of Eva using the ten available minutes we had before taking a long car trip with the kids.

25-52 looking glass (3)


Week 26 brought a huge change to our household as we brought Bruno home.  He is a little golden retriever pile of fluff, about 8 weeks old at the time of this photo.  He’s going to be awesome.26-52 eva and fluffernutter 1