This December and January I am lucky enough to have some photos displayed at Moka coffee shop in Saskatoon.  The coffee shop is located in Lakewood Common, just off Boychuk, south of Taylor St.

I’m currently processing, printing and framing up some images for display and sale.  Some likely candidates to be on display are here.  To see them larger, just click on the image.

adams lumber small for web

fallout small for web

headlights small for web

out of the light small for web

tennis small for web

torqueville small for web

wood small for web


  1. Wonderful website. Congrats on the the coffee shop display! I want to get into framing, and I should talk to you to find out how you do it.

  2. Karen White

    Your website is excellent, super photography.

  3. Love the website, especially the name!!!