Eva’s project – December

Eva’s project – December

The end of December say a finish to Eva’s 52 week project.  And thanks to how the weeks lined up, an extra week was added to make it 53 weeks in total.  It’s been another fun project to do with her and I’ve really enjoyed the results of it.  I was always unsure what I would get, but liked the results every week.

Week 49 “the garlic sausage conundrum” was a shot from the kitchen, with Eva investigating a big pile of garlic sausage on the cutting board before dinner.  She often smells things in the kitchen but never steals.

Bruno: Do it! Do it! Do it!
Eva: It sure is tempting.
Bruno: Do it! Do it! Do it!
Eva: It does smell good.
Bruno: Do it! Do it! Do it!
Eva: But there are rules against that sort of thing.
Bruno: Do it! Do it! Do it!

49-52 the garlic sausage conundrum


Week 50 “you better bot pout” was a pre-Christmas photo of Eva wearing a Santa hat in front of the tree.  The hat may not have been her idea, but she did tolerate it well enough in the end.

Eva: Dave, I have some questions about the whole Santa thing.
Dave: Existential, pup culture related, or questioning the physics of sleigh flight at supersonic speeds?
Eva: It has to do with the song. The one where he is coming to town.
Dave: I’ll try my best.
Eva: Well, it says that “He sees you when you’re sleeping”. I’m having trouble with that as I can’t see a thing with this hat on my head.
Dave: I have a feeling that the hat fits his head better than yours.
Eva: It also says “You better not pout”. Does it mean that I’m not being good if I’m pouting? Just because I don’t look like I’m enjoying something doesn’t mean that I’m not being exceedingly good by putting up with it.
Dave: Do you have a specific example?
Eva: How about now?
Dave: Don’t worry. You are being very nice. I’m sure that you will be on the nice list and get lots of cookies.
Eva: The last questions are how long his corporate memory is and what is his policy on mitigating circumstances.
Dave: Is that from the song?
Eva: Nope. More of a question about if I wait until December 26th to extract revenge on someone for making me wear this hat and pretend that I enjoy it, will he still remember when he packs the sleigh next year?
Dave: I guess that depends on how heinous the act of revenge is.
Eva: I’ll keep that in mind.



Week 51 “baby its cold outside” was a week with no plans.  It was super cold out so I took her for a quick walk with camera uncertain what we would find.  The ice on some of the pond was clear of snow making for interesting patterns, so a quick photo of Eva in her parka became the plan.

Eva: I really can’t stay.
Dave: But Baby it’s cold outside.
Eva: I’ve got to go away.
Dave: But baby it’s cold outside.
Eva: Dude, why do you keep saying that it’s cold outside? I’m the one sitting on the ice here freezing my tush. Because if you haven’t noticed, this parka has a tush hole. And one more thing, don’t call me baby!
Dave: But I thought we were singing a Dean Martin Christmas song.
Eva: Nope. We went for a walk and you stopped at the frozen pond for a photo. I was suggesting we move on with the walk.
Dave: Fair enough. Lets get going.
Eva: Sounds good. Now lets go find that martin.
Dave: Dean Martin? He’s was a popular singer, but he passed away in 1995.
Eva: Oh. But I was talking about a different kind of martin. A swift-flying, insectivorous songbird of the swallow family, typically having a less strongly forked tail than a swallow.

51-52 "baby its cold outside"


Week 52 “waiting for Santa” honestly turned out to be one of my favorites in the project.  I shot this through the edge of the Christmas tree with the lights by the lens and branches completely out of focus.  Eva was, as usual, watching out the window so I love the feeling expectation that this picture shows.

Dave: Eva, what are you up to?
Eva: Waiting for the big guy.
Dave: Bruno? He’s locked in the kitchen after he ate two presents that Julia made.
Eva: Not that big guy. The big guy in the red suit and the white beard.
Dave: Santa?
Eva: If you know another guy who wears a red suit while rocking a white beard I want to meet him.
Dave: Yes, but I was wondering why you were watching this early in the afternoon.
Eva: Because you can never be too prepared. I might need to explain that I wasn’t the one consuming hand made gifts.
Dave: I’m sure he knows.
Eva: But more importantly, if Bruno’s locked in the kitchen there’s a chance I can get his treats while he’s stuck back there.
Dave: Merry Christmas Eva.
Eva: It sure will be.



And the final picture for her project turned out to be week 53.  Another trip to the frozen pond to show her leaping into the new year.