Eva’s project – September

Eva’s project – September

September is done, and saw the transition towards fall.  It also saw four more photos in Eva’s weekly project.

Week 36 “hood ornament” was the final dock photo of the season.  It was a chilly September long weekend and we decided to remove it fro the season.  Eva had one last round of swimming and surveying her domain.

Dave: You going to jump in again Eva?
Eva: Nope. I’d just rather sit here and survey my domain.
Dave: Really, this whole place is your domain? I thought our cabin lot was behind us.
Eva: Those arbitrary man made property lines don’t concern me.
Dave: Then what does concern you?
Eva: Everything that I can see and smell. It amazes me that it can survive without my supervision when we’re back in the city.

hood ornament


Week 37 “half as intense” is a type of portrait that I’ve wanted to do for a while but found it tough as she always stares straight into the lens making this half portrait difficult.  But this Sunday morning it worked out.

Eva: Hey Dave, how is handing over those Shreddies going?
Dave: Pretty soon. I just want to get at least one good photo first.
Eva: Here’s some advice – a Shreddies first policy make for good photos.
Dave: Are you sure? the Shreddies first policy often means lip smacking and excessive chin goobers.
Eva: Yup. Nothing makes a good photo like excessive chin goobers.
Dave: Not exactly what I’m looking for. I was thinking more of a half-face portrait with the dark hardwood floor in the back ground.
Eva: Good idea. Let’s go with that.
Dave: Really? You like the half face portrait idea?
Eva: Sure do. If I keep the chin goobers on my left it will reopen the Shreddies first policy.

half as intense


Week 38 “open can standoff” was not the plan for the week. I was trying to get a good shot of Eva and the biscuit jar so Bruno was put in his kennel. Well, he insisted that this was a bad idea as every photo (especially when treats are being given out) is better with him in it. So he cried. After getting a decent shot with Eva we brought the big guy out to be part of the solution to the shot. I think he was right. Definitely better with him in it.

For anyone unaware of a Mexican standoff, it is an established cinematic principle as defined on wikipedia: <a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_standoff” rel=”nofollow”>en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_standoff</a> It’s often used in movies where each participant is holding a gun at the other making no one able to make a move.

Bruno: Ooooh, I love biscuits.
Eva: Me too Bruno. Me too.
Bruno: So very tempting.
Eva: I was thinking about putting my snout in and eating them up.
Bruno: Really? I was thinking the same thing!
Eva: Oh oh.
Bruno: Oh oh what?
Eva: Well, if we both tried to do that then no one would get their snout in and no one would get any cookies.
Bruno: Oh. How about we knock it over and eat all of the cookies from the floor?
Eva: The humans would likely hear it and stop us from eating them.
Bruno: The we pick it up and carry it to a carpeted area where we can knock it over without making a sound.
Eva: That jar is pretty slippery and in case you haven’t noticed – we don’t have thumbs.
Bruno: Oh. It appears that we have an “open can stand off”.
Eva: Besides the fact that this is a jar, what exactly do you mean?
Bruno: You know, a confrontation between two or more parties in which no participant can proceed or retreat without being exposed to danger or losing what they hope to gain.
Eva: I think you mean “Mexican standoff”.
Bruno: Exactly what I said. An open can standoff. An impossible situation to solve without at least one party giving up the advantage. So, let’s both wait here until another participant comes to resolve the issue.

open can standoff


Week 39 “bench seat” was a photo of Eva doing what she does, a lot.  Surveying the park behind our house.   We put this bench here as a place to put flip flops and sit down when we come in from the back yard.  Bruno steals the shoes and both dogs have claimed the seating as their own.  We should have known better.

Eva: Why do all of these people insist on walking back there without my permission?
Dave: I wasn’t sure they needed your permission. It is a public park.
Eva: Park schmark. Public schmublic. If I can see it, I should control it. Or at least be able to make those who pass tremble with fear.
Dave: Fear of the 32 pound freckled dog sitting on a bench seat like an overgrown cat behind a triple pane glass window?
Eva: What’s not scary about that?
Dave: Everything.
Eva: Really?
Dave: Yes. You do better with cute than frightening.
Eva: Oh.
Dave: Sorry.
Eva: Well, if I look so cute then they should be bringing me dog treats and chicken! It’s time for them to regret the day they forgot to bring me dog treats and chicken for looking so cute!

bench seat