Eva’s project – July

Eva’s project – July

July was a good month.  Lots of time spent out of the city at the cabin.  For Eva this meant swimming, canoe rides, and chill time.  I think I captured some of that here.

Week 27 “incognito” was in response to a hats challenge in the 52 weeks group.  Eva has a tiny head, so when she wears a hat it tends to cover everything.  Eva added the lick, I added a little more attitude in processing.

Eva: Hey Dave, do I look like a skater girl?
Dave: I’m not sure how to define skater girl.
Eva: The bigger question is do you think I could pass for a human?
Dave: In a very dark room filled with people with poor eye sight?
Eva: No. I’m thinking more about a grocery store.
Dave: Why would you want to pass for a human at the grocery store?
Eva: Shreddies. I want to get my own stash so I can be the one in charge of it.
Dave: And you think by wearing Julia’s Jets hat low on your face and disguising your ears as pony tails that they’ll just give you a bunch of Shreddies?
Eva: Of course not. I’ll need to pay them first.
Dave: I didn’t think you had any money.
Eva: Not yet. But, on a completely unrelated topic – how do you feel about lending me twenty bucks?



Week 28 “cuddle” was from a rainy day at the cabin.  Bruno the retriever is a big fan of a long cuddle, but Eva rarely snuggles with him.  Here they are crashed out on the bed during a rainy day at the cabin.cuddle


Week 29 “talking with the bird” was a week where I had no idea what to photograph come Sunday morning.  Then a pigeon showed up on the fence and Eva needed to give it a little talking to.  This is shot along the deck railing.

Eva: Hey bird! Bird! Are you listening to me?
Bird: Cooo. Cooo.
Eva: What do you mean coo? Yes, of course I’m talking to you.
Bird: Cooo. Cooo.
Eva: What? Are you calling me cute? I’m not cute I’m your worst nightmare!
Bird: Cooo. Cooo.
Eva: Okay. We may have a failure to communicate here.
Bird: Cooo. Cooo.
Eva: Yes, Cooo-municate. Glad to see that you’re trying. Maybe I can train you to speak after all.
Bird: Cooo. Cooo.
Eva: No, not choo choo. That’s the wrong type of train. I meant train you as in teach you something.
Bird: Cooo. Cooo.
Eva: Okay. I’m having a little trouble with your dialect. So I’m just going to bark louder and louder until you get what I’m saying.
Bird: Cooo. Cooo.
Eva: Now you’re just being a jerk. If you want louder, I can do louder!
Dave: Eva, can you come inside and stop waking up the neighbors?
Eva: But I was having a conversation with the bird, not the neighbors. I think I’ll stay outside and just chat a little bit longer.

talking with the bird


Week 30 “the moment at which Bruno left the canoe” was more about the story than the photo.  We always see people canoeing on the lake with their dogs.  It always seems so peaceful from a distance.  Somehow this wasn’t the case when Bruno got in.  There was a very near tipping event.  But fortunately my wife was smart and attached a 15 foot lead to his life jacket in case he left the boat when we were far from the cabin.  We made it about fifty meters away before he abandoned ship.

Eva: Man this canoe ride is awesome. Bru – what do you think?
Bruno: Dude, this boat ride sucks. I have no idea who invented this thing, but it is the worst idea ever.
Eva: It’s a canoe. Historical records indicate that they’ve been around for over ten thousand years. And these modern canoes are much safer than the old dug-out ones.
Bruno: It’s not a canoe. More of a “can’t do” in my opinion.
Eva: Dude, it’s perfectly safe.
Bruno: Nope. I don’t trust anything that wibble wobbles when I run back and forth in it.
Eva: Did you ever think that running back and forth could be the problem?
Bruno: Nope. I’m quite good at running. Running can’t be the issue. I’m getting out of here!
Eva: I’d think twice about that. When you jump out there’s a good chance you could tip us all.
Bruno: I make it a policy to not think twice about anything. And if the canoe tips, that would be it’s fault and not mine.
Eva: Do you even have a plan of what to do when you get out?
Bruno: I won’t need a plan once I’m out, because then I’ll be out and all will be good! See you later!

the point at which bruno left the canoe


Week 31 “this way” was a shot of her swimming off to the middle of the lake.  She never did get that far, but it made for a good perspective.

Dave: Hey Eva, where are we off to?
Eva: This way.
Dave: Any reason?
Eva: Does a dog ever truly have a reason for doing anything that it does?
Dave: Some do, and some don’t. I have a feeling that you’re more one of the former than the latter category.
Eva: True that.
Dave: I notice that you’re being a bit evasive with the question.
Eva: One might say that I’m ducking it.
Dave: Is the phrase ducking it a clue?
Eva: Either that or it could be a red heron.
Dave: I think the real idiom is red herring?
Eva: Maybe amongst humans, porpoises and walruses. For us Brits it’s red heron.
Dave: I could see that. Does this mean we may be on a bit of a wild goose chase?
Eva: Nope. Not goose. Definitely duck. I saw them paddle by all in a row a little while earlier and I can still smell them on the water.

this way