Bruno’s Project – April

Bruno’s Project – April

April has come and gone, and within we had Easter, early spring summer-type weather followed by late spring return of winter.  All of Bruno’s shots happen to have been outside in the back yard this month, and reflect several of these changes.  As always, if you click on the week #, it will take you to the original flickr post.

Week 14 “slappy Easter”:    Bruno and Eva wrestling over a stuffed bunny toy on the deck.  Eva may be significantly smaller, but she can sure hold her own against her big little brother.  14-52 easter bunny


Week 15 “hammocking”:  It was early summer-like weather so we broke out a new hammock.  Bruno was the first one it.  Made for an interesting “dogversation”

Dave: Bruno, what are you up to?
Bruno: Hammocking.
Dave: Pardon me?
Bruno: Hammocking. It’s totally the act of chilling out in a hammock.
Dave: Wether or not that is a real word remains to be seen.
Bruno: Want to bet on it. If hammocking is a real word, you owe me a ham sandwich while you cut the mocking.
Dave: Very clever use of a pun. But my question was more of a simple “why are you in the hammock?”
Bruno: Why not? I’m a family dog. And the family just got a hammock.
Dave: I thought hammocks were for humans.
Bruno: Nope. Remember, immediately after you set it up I got right on it. First mammal on it claims it. Just like Neil Armstrong and the moon.
Dave: Is that how it works?
Bruno: Yup. If you’re unclear on the concept I could pee on it to claim it as mine.
Dave: No need for that. We’ll follow the first mammal on rule. Now are you sure you want to bet on the use of the word hammocking?
Bruno: Eva told me about it. She read it in the urban dictionary.
Dave: How does she know how to use a computer and why was she on the urban dictionary site?
Bruno: She has really tiny paws so she can use a keyboard better than me. We were on the internet because she wanted to know what it means when you “give someone the bird”. FYI – it wasn’t what she expected it to be.
Dave: That does explain it. But I’m not sure you guys should be using the internet without supervision. And the urban dictionary is not a reliable dictionary.
Bruno: If you’re going to keep mocking me, can you at least bring out that ham sandwich?

15-52 hammocking


Week 16 “side tongue”:  Straight out happy Bruno.  Love the side tongue.  Also made for a little “dogversation”

Bruno: Dave, can I tell you something?
Dave: Sure. What’s up?
Bruno: I’m happy.
Dave: I can see that.
Bruno: I’m really really happy.
Dave: I understand. Super happy.
Bruno: I’m not sure you can understand. I wake up happy, then I see you guys and I get happier.
Dave: Yes Bruno, we love you too.
Bruno: It’s a bit more than that. It starts in my tail, then moves all the way up to my tongue. Even my tongue is happy!
Dave: Are you going to tell me that you’re so happy that you even wag your tongue?
Bruno: Nope. That’s just ‘side tongue’. Happens when I smile, which is a lot.
Dave: Well, it looks good on you.
Bruno: Yup. Sure does.
Dave: And guess what Bruno? I love side tongue. It always makes me laugh, which makes me happy too.
Bruno: Sounds like a good deal for both of us. Can I tell you one more thing?
Dave: Sure, what it it?
Bruno: Being happy rocks.

16-52 side tongue

Week 17 “big fluffy snowfall”:  The last week of April brought the return of winter.  Big fluffy snowflakes and some real snow accumulation on the ground.  Nothing like a good snowfall to bring out the fun in the dogs.  And a little “dogversation” between Eva and Bruno.

Bruno: I don’t get it.
Eva: What don’t you get now?
Bruno: The big fluffy white stuff. What’s going on?
Eva: Dude, it’s called snow. It covered the ground here until about a month ago.
Bruno: Yup. Remember that. Love the stuff. Could play and lie in it all day.
Eva: If you remember that it’s called snow, what is there not to get?
Bruno: I thought is was supposed to be summer.
Eva: Good point. I was looking forward to some heat and sunshine. Lounging on the deck, rolling in the grass, jumping from the dock, swimming in the lake.
Bruno: With a coat like mine I don’t do heat. Not looking forward to that. But I was looking forward to taking my first jump off that dock at the lake. Big fat golden cannon ball coming to Emma lake!
Eva: Yeah, just remember not to land on me when you do that.
Bruno: I make not promises. When I get excited, things just happen.
Eva: Speaking of excited, want to go and run around with a tennis ball in this second winter?
Bruno: Yup. I can feel a good case of the crazies coming on!

17-52 big fluffy snowfall