picking images

picking images

One of the first steps moving forward with displaying and selling my photos, is selecting a few images to start with.  The following are my favorite monochrome pictures from the past few years, which I feel may appeal to people beyond my family and friends.  The posts here are straight from my photo library, and have various styles and borders etc applied.  After selecting the images I will do some more editing to make sure that I love each and every one, then make the border style and formatting consistent.  Final formatting will be similar to the first picture in this post “shake”.  After that I can work on the printing.

The goal in choosing pictures will be to display pictures I’m really happy with, and can see people wanting to purchase for display in their own homes.  Each picture has a number beside it.  If you have a few particular favorites that you think I should consider more heavily, please leave me a comment.

My first display of images will be at Saskatoon Medical Imaging, in waiting rooms and maybe a couple of offices.  The number of pictures has yet to be determined.  Proceeds from any print sales will be donated to a charity, likely Red Cross.

These first three are ones that I know I will be using, and have already done further editing and refining on.

 Kael shaking off the water after a swim at the cabin.1

letters mail



The following pictures are all shots of our family retrievers that I feel may have appeal beyond my family and friends.

the enforcer4

between the posts5


saskatchewan golden otter7


The following are from around Saskatoon.

adams lumber9


frosty view11


And a few from around California …

landscape photographer12


beach combing14

tea party15



And a few general childhood memories …

princess shoes17

hungry hippos18

And a few from norther Saskatchewan and Montreal …

rural mail19

cabin country mail20

batman's dinner party21

(former) trees22

And a couple of bike pictures from Amsterdam …

2011 2


2011 1


2011 3


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post, and thanks for your opinions.


  1. Anne

    Dave – I have lots of faves – 2, 5,7, all images from around S’toon, 12,13,15,16,17,18,20,23 and 25. I love the idea of b&w pictures from around S’toon for a medical office.

  2. Ken Eliasson

    Hi Dave,very hard to pick from such a great variety.You already know how I feel about your family dogs.The ones at the lake are wonderful.Makes people feel happy inside.
    I like happy images for your office.


  3. Perry

    Hi Dave,

    Congratulations on your website and your new venture. I really like the charity component of your initiative. Great job on setting up your site and excellent choice of images. My favourites are: 1, 2, 5, 6, 11, 12, 19, 25, and 15. Wishing much success.


  4. David Rowan

    David, theses are all great, but my favourites are no. 4 17. 4

    Best wishes