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I have several prints now for sale.  They are all numbered edition signed prints and are available either from myself or where a prints is displayed, listed with the  image description.  Click on an image to see it in higher resolution.  If you are interested in purchasing a print, you can contact me through the contact page, or via email

All prints sold through Saskatoon Medical Imaging will have the proceeds donated to the Red Cross.

All prints are available as either 8×12″ or 8×10″, printed on 11×14″ photo paper.  These prints sell matted using acid free materials.  Larger prints are available for most images, with variable prices.

Some prints are currently on display at Saskatoon Medical Imaging (both 8th street and Stonebridge locations) and at Starbucks on Broadway in Saskatoon.

frosty view small for web

“frosty view”.

Taken on a cold Saskatchewan winter morning in downtown Saskatoon.


shake small for web


My golden retriever Kael shaking off the water after a swim in the lake.


letters mail small for web

“letters mail”

Old mail boxes in the rain, taken at Ambrose grocery store in Emma Lake


sixty-three small for web


Old mail boxes in the rain, taken at Ambrose grocery store in Emma Lake


tea party print

“tea party”

Some of the action at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Disneyland.


under broadway print

“under broadway”

Taken on a winter Saskatoon morning beneath Broadway Bridge.


wood small for web

“winter is coming”

A photo of a wood pile outside a restaurant in Old Montreal in 2012.

This photo was awarded third place in PhotoLife Magazine “Epson Showtime photocontest” under the title of “former trees” , and published in the September 2012 issue of Photolife.


torqueville small for web


A photo of vintage-style licence plates wrapped around a post at CarsLand in Disneyland California Adventure.


tennis small for web


Our Brittany spaniel puppy in the rainy tennis courts.


out of the light small for web

“out of the light”

Taken at lunch time in Philadelphia city hall.  Love the architecture and light here.


headlights small for web


Captured at the bike parking lot by Amsterdam train station in 2011.


fallout small for web


The sign for the fallout shelter is still up at Philadelphia city hall.  Couldn’t resist this sign mixed with the architectural dragon details.


adams lumber small for web

“if you’re looking for lumber …”

A slightly moody photo of the Adam’s lumber sign by Idylwilde drive in Saskatoon taken in the fall of 2012.


victoria print small for web


Taken on a -40c morning in 2012, this print shows the Victoria bridge intact before the south section was demolished because of corrosion concerns.


broadway morning small for web

“broadway morning”

A cold pre-dawn morning photograph of the Broadway Bridge, taken from river level with steam lit by the low level lighting.


lending a wing small for web

“lending a wing”

This picture is the Angel of Bethesda fountain in New York’s central park.  This statue was commissioned to celebrate clean water for the city.


load limit small for web

“load limit”

This photo was taken on January 9th, 2016 – one day before two of the remaining four sections of the old traffic bridge were demolished.  Here I wanted to focus on the geometry and the iconic load limit sign.


crossings small for web


A photo from 2009, showing the intact Victoria bridge lit up with it’s expensive set of lights.  The Broadway bridge is in the background as well.


frosted small for web


The Victoria traffic bridge as she stood in 2010, with thick hoar frost on the bushes by the river path.


 8-31-00 am small web

8-31-10 am small web

8-31-12 am small web

“February 7th, 2016”

This is actually a series of three prints from the demolition of a span of the bridge.

I’m doing something a little different with these prints as the low print numbers (#1-10) are being reserved to sell as sets of three prints.  I am happy to sell the higher print numbers individually.


last span standing small for web

“last span standing”

A water level view of the last span of the old bridge.  Taken in August 2016, this span is set for demolition by the end of the year.



“lego date on the traffic bridge”

Even though the traffic bridge is gone, it does live on in Lego form.  This is a photo of a traffic bridge model made by Andre Lalonde, as it was when on display at the Western Development Museum.


  1. Hello David – I am interested in purchasing some of your framed photos …. they are great!
    I am a Realtor in Saskatoon and I like to give pictures of Saskatoon as gifts to my clients.
    I am interested in two of #7 – “Victoria” ; and in one of #3 – “Broadway Morning”
    I noticed them at Starbucks on Broadway.

  2. Sherry

    I am wanting to purchase the “frosty morning” and also inquiring about the “Victoria” and “broadway” as well .

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