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Agnes – January 2018 – The Start of a New Dog Photography Project

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Agnes – January 2018 – The Start of a New Dog Photography Project

The start of a new year usually is accompanied by new beginnings, and for Agnes this means stepping up her modelling skills and moving into being a weekly model for a 52 week photo project.  For those who do not know her yet she is a mixed breed of wide genetic diversity that joined our family last April.  She starts the year at just under a year of age and is skittish of being without the other dogs and a bit hesitant about the camera.

This project will be an interesting challenge for both of us.


quiz·zi·cal: ˈkwizək(ə)l. – adjective (of a person’s expression or behavior) indicating mild or amused puzzlement.  More rare: causing mild amusement because of its oddness or strangeness.

I think both the typical and rare dictionary definitions of quizzical above work for Agnes, both in this photo and in her general life.

This photo was the first time I’ve done solo portraits with her as most of her other photos have been opportunistic ones while she played with or lounged near the other dogs. Eva and Bruno were watching this session from 5 feet away in another room which Agnes felt was too far so she left a couple of times and found them. This portrait was eventually aided by my wife, dog treats, and sitting between her puppy friends. Note a bit of stray Bruno fur on the left side of the frame that I considered cloning out but left in because it’s part of her story. No dogversation as she wasn’t in a talkative mood.

Little Miss Soulful

Here is Agnes in a bit of a lounge on the living room floor. Much patience, a reward ball, two different lenses, two canine companions, two human assistants, and 179 frames later for this portrait. A very different experience photographing her versus my other two social butterflies. But those soulful eyes make up for it in the end.

The Lost Ball

Aggie does love these chuck-it glow in the dark balls. And this is indeed a common scene in our house with her needing help when it seems to roll under the couch on a regular frequency. I have thought about putting pool noodles under the couch to block the ball from rolling there, but then I think that she seems to enjoy the retrievals almost as much as having the ball in the first place.

Agnes: Pssst Dave, can you help me out here?
Dave: Sure thing. What’s up?
Agnes: Well, my ball seems to have become inexplicably lodged under this couch.
Dave: I believe that I just got that ball back for you less than two minutes ago.
Agnes: Yup, that’s the ball. I do appreciate that you got it back for me.
Dave: If you appreciate me getting the ball back for you, then why is it under the couch again?
Agnes: Well you see, I was playing with it when I knocked it under there again. Possibly on purpose.
Dave: And you expect me to just get it for you.
Agnes: Well, it is one of the services that you seem to offer. It’s kind, helpful, and a good bonding experience for us.
Dave: I don’t get the bonding thing but you do seem to really want that ball so I’ll help you out. But this time, can you avoid trying to keep your head under my head while I reach around under the couch for your ball?
Agnes: Are you kidding me? If my head isn’t there how will I know that you’re doing it right? And how will we ever bond if our heads aren’t squished together? Sometimes I think you humans just don’t understand good supervision and logic.

Agnes in Profile

Agnes in serious profile in the park.

I photographed this as a revisit/tribute to project photos from Eva’s in 2014 and Bruno in 2015. We had a big snowfall so the nicely snow covered toboggan hill again made the clean white background for the photo.  I do like the patterns that her neck fur makes under those half-up ears.

To complete the set, here are the portraits of Eva and Bruno.  Although I do like them all, it’s hard to beat Eva’s ear hair.

On Instagram – theDogWearsPantlers

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On Instagram – theDogWearsPantlers

In Rome I was convinced that I needed to be on Instagram. I did resist adding a media presence/commitment, but decided to join and now regularly post photos there.  Since not all photos make it on this web site the Instagram feed provides a more updated stream of dog and other photos.

My handle is @theDogWearsPantlers.  For those wondering what pantlers may be, they are pajama pants worn upon one’s head to look both like pants and antlers.  And yes, Bruno does look good in pantlers.

Top 9 Posts

Thanks to the power of the internet here are the selected top 9 posts from my Instagram account in 2016 and 2017. 

Instagram best nine 2016

Bruno’s Project – December 2017 – Golden retriever at Christmas

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Bruno’s Project – December 2017 – Golden retriever at Christmas

Bruno and Christmas.  Two things that I love, which are even better when combined together.  December marks the end of his weekly photo project, and most of the images do have a Christmas theme to them.

Bright Idea

His first December photo had Bruno getting literally wrapped up in the Christmas spirit. He really does like to be involved in everything.

Bruno: Hey Dave, we have a small seasonal problem here.
Dave: What’s that?
Bruno: Well, you know how I like to be involved in everything that the family does?
Dave: Yes. With two major exceptions.
Bruno: This isn’t about the vacuum or canoe.
Dave: Fair enough.
Bruno: Well, it might not have been my brightest idea to help you untangle the Christmas tree lights.
Dave: When did this first occur to you?
Bruno: It took a while for me to wrap my brain around the problem, until my brain got wrapped around by the problem that is.
Dave: I’m with you so far.
Bruno: Well, then I realized that I might be a little too entwined with this project. And if someone breaks out the gingerbread, we might have a major problem with me dragging a tree around the house in a fit of impulse and chaos.

Mistletoe Tester

The next photo was taking advantage of a simple Christmas decoration.  He would be a most helpful tester.

Dave: Really? Mistletoe testing?
Bruno: Yup. Seems like a good idea to me.
Dave: And just what does a mistletoe tester do?
Bruno: Well, I heard that passing by a mistletoe obligates humans to hand out kisses like candy. Thought I should get in on the action.
Dave: I’m not surprised, you do love getting kisses. But one problem, we don’t have any mistletoe.
Bruno: Why not?
Dave: It’s apparently a mild neurotoxin and we don’t want dogs or human to get into it.
Bruno: Where you see a problem I see an opportunity. Let’s get some dog treats that look like mistletoe then I can rake in both kisses and treats! I love the holidays!

It’s Beginning to Taste a Lot Like Christmas

This photo may not have been my best idea ever as I had to remind him many times after to stop licking the tree for crumbs in this spot.  Fortunately the crumbs wee well away from anything electrical.

Bruno: Hey Dave! It’s a Christmas miracle!
Dave: Why’s that?
Bruno: This tree grew biscuits instead of pinecones.
Dave: Pretty impressive eh?
Bruno: Impressive doesn’t even begin to describe it. A delectable miracle.
Dave: What if I told you that I put it there as a photo prop?
Bruno: Then I would absolutely not believe you. You know how I’ve been extra good this year?
Dave: Are we just ignoring the stolen mitts and shoes?
Bruno: Not so much stolen as borrowed and relocated, so definitely not a bad deed. Well, I sent Santa a letter asking for a magic biscuit dispenser. And I think this may be it.
Dave: That’s the more logical explanation?
Bruno: Yup. Now if you excuse me I’m just gonna start chewing on the magic biscuit dispenser to get to the magical source of the biscuits.
Dave: You do realize that eating the Christmas tree is against the house rules and might cancel out all of the being good that you worked on all year.
Bruno: Dude, aren’t you listening? It’s not a Christmas tree, it’s a magical biscuit dispenser and there are no house rules against eating one of those.

Battle Bones

The next photo is the last one for Bruno’s 52 week project.  I loved doing this project with him, but it will be Agnes’s turn in 2018.  Here they are playing a game of ‘battle bones’ to mark the transition to the new year and new project.

Agnes: Ok Bruno, “C7”
Bruno: I don’s see a seven.
Agnes: I mean I’m calling out “C7”
Bruno: Just because you’re calling it, I still can’t see it. But I can see these delicious bones on this plastic serving tray.
Agnes: Dude, we’re playing battleship with bones. Winner takes the bones.
Bruno: Awesome. So I get to eat the bones once they’re covered in these delicious red plastic pegs?
Agnes: Nope. We’re not supposed to eat the plastic. And the winner gets the other dog’s bones.
Bruno: There’s a small problem with this scenario.
Agnes: Is it that you’re losing?
Bruno: Nope. I never lose. The problem is I have a feeling I never knew what I was agreeing to when I said I would play with you. I would never turn down an opportunity to eat treats or plastic pegs.

Eva’s Project – November & December 2017.

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Eva’s Project – November & December 2017.

Hard to believe that 2017 is now over, and the weather that we had to end the year was chilly to say the understated least.  This also marks the last post of Eva the Brittany Spaniel’s monthly 2017 photography project.

This November photo was a tribute shot, based on a lovely photo by Stefanie Timmermann.  This photo turned out quite different than what I intended, but I still like the result highlighting her eyes and ears.  Eva does have some pretty long ears for the size of her head. The ear hair adds a couple of inches as well.


This next photo was of her on Christmas morning, with some wrapping paper in the background.  She is really wanting some of the treats that Santa brought for her, Bruno and Agnes.

Eva: Hey Dave, Merry Christmas.
Dave: Merry Christmas to you too Eva.
Eva: Remember those sweet potato biscuits that Santa brought me?
Dave: I believe he brought those for all of the puppies in the house.
Eva: Nope. Not quite. I get first dibs on anything that Santa brings. It’s part of the Christmas code.
Dave: The Christmas code? Is this the code where the one with the craziest ear hairs gets to have whatever they want?
Eva: Dude, that’s not the code. It is right in the name of the holiday.
Dave: I’m not following you.
Eva: It’s the day that Santa flies. Christmas Eve, which code for Christmas Eva, which is code for me getting dibs on the cookies. So, can you break them out and lets get this Christmas Eva party started!


The week between Christmas and New Years was very cold with Saskatchewan and much of the rest of the country in a deep freeze.  At -30c without the windchill it could officially be called “paw lifting cold” in our household. Some boots might help, but we have never had success keeping those on feet during walks. And with 12 paws to cover I believe we would usually come home with only 10 or 11 at best. The dogs had not had a good walk in a week because of the severe cold.

This shot was taken on the hill behind our house with her big jacket on. Within 2 minutes the paws were being lifted one at a time in a clockwise sequence.

Agnes’ Project – November & December – Rescue puppy living the good life

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Agnes’ Project – November & December – Rescue puppy living the good life

The holiday season was a good one in our house, and rescue puppy Agnes took full advantage of it.  It also turns out that she likes apples.

The only photo from November in her project is of her and Eva Agnes politely taking turns eating an apple straight off the core. Bruno had been temporarily removed from the photo session for trying to take the whole apple and my wife’s fingers with him into the other room. Eva does prefer her apples sliced while Agnes did get the hang of eating off the core.


The next photo was a candid photo of her chilling on the couch while singing some carols.

Dave: Agnes, what are you up to?
Agnes: Getting into the holiday spirit, and singing the song of my people.
Dave: I was going to ask why you’re on the couch. But the song of your people does sound a bit more intriguing.
Agnes: Actually, it’s the christmas carol of my people.
Dave: Please tell.
Agnes: I prefer to sing it for you. Loudly and with great enthusiasm like it’s intended….. BARK THE HUNGRY PUPPIES SING, BRING US ALL SOME BURGER KING!
Dave: Dude, I’m pretty sure those aren’t the lyrics.
Agnes: In the spirit of the season lets just agree that I’m right and then we can hop in the car and go out for a whopper and fries.


And this little Christmas eve photo was of her having a little nap on the couch.  I think that little rescue puppy Agnes has made herself at home. I like to think she had visions of sugar plums in her head here, but she may just have been taking a good old comfy snooze without the dreams. Either way she is living the dream.

Bruno’s project – November 2017

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Bruno’s project – November 2017

We  had an abrupt early start to winter. On November first we had a moderately large snow-storm and are now sitting at a very cold -30c with the wind chill. The cold stayed for much of the month so Bruno’s project has one snowy image and several relaxed indoor photos.  The hard life of a golden retriever in winter.

Early Winter

The first November photo of his project was not at our first location for shooting in the morning, but the edge of the pond proved not quite as frozen as expected resulting in a boot full of mucky water and muddy paws for Bruno. And I have to thank my kids for accompanying me on this morning photo session, as Daniel held his lead on the other side of the bushes for this photo.

Dave: Hi Bruno. When did you learn to wave hello?
Bruno: Oh, um, it’s something I might have always known.
Dave: You have no idea what I’m talking about do you?
Bruno. None at all. I just wanted to say that I learned something.
Dave: Fair enough. But, If you’re not waving what’s with the big paw?
Bruno: Oh, this branch just needed a good smack down.
Dave: Can I ask why?
Bruno: Well, it’s between us and I want to be closer. And since you just finished telling me to stop eating random branches I thought a good karate chop was in order.
Dave: Your problem solving skills are working well this morning.
Bruno: Darn tooting. Now if I can just paw-smack this big branch out of the way I can chew my way through the smaller ones to get closer to you.


Name Tags

It may be just us but out dogs really do seem to acquire lots of nicknames. Maybe the number of names he has to remember is why he has trouble learning new tricks.

Dave: Hey Bru, what’s with all of the name tags.
Bruno: Well, the other day Karen came in the kitchen and said in a really sweet voice “Who is Mr Handsome? He’s just so sweet and handsome!”. Then she gave me an extra big cuddle.
Dave: And that explains the name tags because …
Bruno: Well, I’m trying to help her out. She seemed confused. Everyone knows that I’m Mr. Handsome. So the name tags are just to remind everyone who I am.
Dave: Mighty kind of you. And I agree with most of the nicknames, except I don’t get the one that says “Hey you! I know you hear me! Stop eating ice and come inside. It’s cold out and I’m not wearing shoes.”
Bruno: Oh, that seems to be a seasonal nickname.
Dave: Seasonal nickname?
Bruno: Sure is. You only seem to call me that when it’s cold and there’s ice on the deck. You humans are an odd species.
Dave: Well, I guess I can’t argue with that. But there is one issue with your plan.
Bruno: Impossible.
Dave: You don’t have any name tag saying “Mr. Handsome”


Big Dreamer

Bruno getting a little well deserved nap.

Dave: Bruno, it’s almost 10:30 am.
Bruno: Yup. True that.
Dave: Well, are you considering getting up?
Bruno: Not really. I’ve already done that, accomplished my goals then decided it was time for a nap.
Dave: Wow, all of your goals accomplished already. Good job.
Bruno: Yup. Some might say that I’m efficient.
Dave: Really?
Bruno: Yup. Some might. But the secret to accomplishing all of your goals is to not have too many of them.
Dave: I could see that.
Bruno: Yup. My goals were to eat breakfast, learn some astrophysics, and have a nap. I must say that I truly nailed it.
Dave: Really? Astrophysics.
Bruno: Yup. It’s a good thing that Neil DeGerasse Tyson wrote this book “for people in a hurry”. Let me accomplish all of my goals and still have a nap.
Dave: Cool. I’m sure he had you in mind when writing it.
Bruno: I’m sure everyone is always thinking of me. Now if you don’t mind, it’s back to my nap and dreaming about the big bacon theory and Schrodinger’s pizza box.


Half of the Story

It also turns out that half a Bruno may be just as adorable as a full Bruno.

Dave: Hey Bru, what are you doing?
Bruno: Isn’t it half evident?
Dave: Are you being clever or are you deflecting the question?
Bruno: I think it’s more like telling half of the story.
Dave: Doesn’t this leave the photo a little half empty?
Bruno: I do prefer to think of everything as half full.
Dave: So I’m just going to assume that you’re only expecting half a biscuit as a reward for doing this photo.
Bruno: Nope. Full cookie. Just because the photo is only half full doesn’t mean we shouldn’t completely empty to cookie jar.
Dave: This conversation is starting to sound half baked.
Bruno: I can’t imagine anything more delicious.

Bruno’s Project – October 2017 – Golden Retriever in autumn

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Bruno’s Project – October 2017 – Golden Retriever in autumn

October in Bruno’s project saw lots of autumn colours and cuddles for the big guy.  He does love the cool fall weather.


Fall Portrait

This photo is of Bruno having a good old fashioned lie down in the park. In his defense it was a three minute walk to this spot and a couple of people did talk to him on the way there.

Dave: Alright Bruno, lets go out and do a fall portrait of you in the park with the fog in the background.
Bruno: Did you bring cookies?
Dave: Yup, a whole bag full.
Bruno: Then the answer is an enthusiastic yes!
Dave: Alright, lets get you to sit in a right handsome pose by this tree.
Bruno: Got it.
Dave: Uh Bruno, if you’ve got it then why are you lying down?
Bruno: You said it was a fall portrait so I fell over.
Dave: Dude, can we try it sitting?
Bruno: Nope. I prefer my version. It requires less effort. And it is a fall portrait.
Dave: You are of course aware that “fall portrait” refers to the season with all of the brightly coloured leaves and has nothing to do with your body position.
Bruno: Dude, do you seriously think I’m going to fall for that line? Now for the next part of this portrait lets get some of those cookies to fall into my mouth.


Story Time

My daughter Julia loves reading her puppies. This window bench in the kitchen is very desirable real estate in our house often filled with children reading, puppies lounging or a combination of the two.

This shot was inspired by the work of Theron Humphrey.  He is an amazing photographer, and many of his images involve close contact with his pup Maddie, a wide DOF , bright images with a saturated colour palate. He often uses a POV from straight above and many of his shots are from the kitchen. His dog is adorable too.

Bruno: Hey Julia, thanks for having us up here with you for story time.
Julia: You’re welcome. I love reading and being surrounded by my puppies.
Bruno: Yup it is good. But can I make a request for next time?
Julia: What’s that? Do you want it to be just you up here?
Bruno: Nope. Freckles and new puppy are welcome as long as I keep getting the best spot.
Julia: Well then what is it?
Bruno: I was thinking of a different book.
Julia: Really? Would you prefer something with a golden retriever as the hero?
Bruno: No need for that. My sense of self worth is pretty well established and I don’t need a book to reinforce it.
Julia: A cook book then?
Bruno: Nope. Those just take a long time to get to the eating part.
Julia: What then?
Bruno: A Lifesaver’s book.
Julia: The sweet story book that Santa brings us humans at Christmas filled with rolls of lifesavers?
Bruno: Yup. It’s a really good book.
Julia: Interesting.
Bruno: Interesting and yummy. But the plot does admittedly have a few holes in it. Maybe you could fill the sweet story book with pepperoni and then we could all enjoy it together.



This next shot was a last minute photo taken just before sunset on Sunday afternoon. I really didn’t have much of a plan, but then I noticed this tree and thought shooting through the leaves could be fun.  In the end it was quite well received and he is even Mr. September in the WCVM 2018 calendar because of it.

Dave: Lovely day for a walk Bruno.
Bruno: It sure is. And thank you for taking me out for a walk and snacks.
Dave: Snacks? Are you talking about those dog treats that I brought for the walk?
Bruno: Partly. But mainly I was talking about these delectable leaves.
Dave: Bruno, we’ve talked about this many time. You are not supposed to eat leaves.
Bruno: Oh, but I am. It’s right in their name.
Dave: How is it in their name that they are delectable and should be eaten.
Bruno: Because all leaves are delicious.
Dave: I’m not following. Are you talking about salad?
Bruno: Not the leaves I’m taking about. I will eat lettuce, but salad is only really good if it has bacon, eggs or cheese in it.
Dave: Well then what leaves are you talking about?
Bruno: You know, when you leave something somewhere. Like if you leave a sandwich near the edge of the table and it happens to leave the table and fall into my mouth. That is a delectable leave.
Dave: I’m not sure that…
Bruno: Or when you leave a muffin wrapper on the counter and it makes it into my mouth. Also delicious.
Dave: We do need to talk about your impulse control.
Bruno: Or when you leave new puppy outside and I get to eat her dinner.
Dave: That has never happened.
Bruno: I know. Just thought I would leave the suggestion out there for you. Now if all of these leaves could just leave the tree and make it into my mouth we’d be talking about an epic afternoon walk.


Fall Boots

This autumn shot is continuing with a series of feet photos in Bruno’s project. Winter and Summer have been previously posted in March and July.  Unfortunately I missed spring, but my son has already volunteered to do one with him wearing rubber boots in the spring.

This photo session almost never happened. The city had raked all of the leaves in the park early last week. But on Friday I noticed a small untouched pile just behind our house. But the bigger problem was a rabbit hopping out of the bushes right behind us when I had just got everyone set up for the photo. Good thing that Bruno took a while to notice it and there was no child dragging like in the winter photo.

Bruno: Hey Julia, I have something to tell you.
Julia: What’s that?
Bruno: I fall in love with you.
Julia: That’s super nice. But don’t you mean fell in love?
Bruno: Nope. I meant what I said. I definitely fall in love with you.
Julia: Thanks. But are you having trouble with your tenses or are you making a seasonal joke?
Bruno: Dude, I’m never tense. Definitely the master of chill.
Julia: Then I must complement you on your seasonal joke. Very clever.
Bruno: Yup. That’s me. Super clever. Now don’t leaf me hanging.
Julia: Leaf you hanging?
Bruno: Definitely. I said that I love you twice and you haven’t said it back yet. You can’t leaf me hanging like this. Even though I’m super chill, I’m still a retriever and us retrievers like public affirmations of how much people love them.
Julia: Oh Bruno, I do love you.
Bruno: Thanks. I be-leaf you.


Story Time

Bruno is the most likely of our pack to join someone for a lie down in bed. Always.  This last photo of October was Julia’s idea.  I had other ideas that wouldn’t work because of gale force winds, but Julia came up with this perfect plan for his photo instead.

Bruno: Alright Julia. Time to read me my story.
Julia: Your story?
Bruno: Yup. I need a good bedtime story if I’m going to sleep well and feel refreshed.
Julia: But I had to wake you up to ask you if you wanted to get on the bed with me.
Bruno: See, that proves my point.
Julia: Really? I thought I proved my implied point that you don’t need a bedtime story to nap well.
Bruno: Nope. That nap was interrupted, so not refreshed. Now let’s try again, and this time lets do it with a bedtime story first.

Eva’s Project – September & October – Brittany Spaniel

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Eva’s Project – September & October – Brittany Spaniel

Eva’s photography project in the fall was somehow mainly shot indoors with only one photo of the fall colours in it.  The photo of my stalker turned out to be one of my favorites of the year.

Serious Face

Her only September photo was a simple black and white portrait of her serious face in the kitchen.  I was near the biscuit tin and that’s always a reason to be serious.


Her first picture of October was one inspired by Theron Humphrey and his phenomenal images of his pup Maddie.  Eva is my shadow so it took little convincing to get her to stand between my feet for this fall time shot.

Dave: Hey Eva, you’re being mighty cuddly.
Eva: Yup. No ulterior motive here.
Dave: I would say that’s nice to know, but your mentioning of ulterior motives does make me a bit suspicious.
Eva: Nope. Just me hanging out with my best friend in the park.
Dave: Nice to know.
Eva: Yup. Just hanging out with my friend. Smelling the scent of those dog treats in your pocket.
Dave: Is that it?
Eva: Nope. I’m hungry too. And I’m hoping you’ll share some.
Dave: Well at least we have the ulterior motive explained.
Eva: That you do. Now if you’ll be so kind to hook me up I have some other things on my agenda for this afternoon.
Dave: You have other things on your agenda?
Eva: Yup. There’s an old lady sitting on a bench over there eating a sandwich. Visiting her is the next thing on my list.

My Stalker

Her next October photo was one that I’ve had in my head for a while, and it turned out to be one of my favorites of the year.   Eva is my little stalker and her paws under the door frame is something I see almost every time I come up from the basement if I had the door closed behind me.  A bit of an unusual photograph, but a very usual scene for me to see.

Eva: Um Dave….. Dave ….. Dave …..
Dave: Yes Eva. What’s up?
Eva: I miss you.
Dave: I’m aware. But I just ran downstairs to grab something from the basement fridge.
Eva: I miss you. Are you coming up soon?
Dave: Eva, I’ll be up in a second. I was gone for less than a minute.
Eva: I know. That’s a long time. You should have taken me with you.
Dave: But if I bring you dogs down it takes me three times as long to get what I need because Aggie is usually trying to eat Nerf toys and Bruno falls asleep down here.
Eva: Um Dave….
Dave: Yes Eva.
Eva: I didn’t say anything about taking lazy and crazy. Just me and you. Then you can still be fast and I won’t miss you.

You Have Got to Be Kidding Me

Never in my life did I imagine that I would disassemble speed skates and heat mould them in my oven to make a custom fit for my son. But apparently that’s what speed skaters do. The skates turned out well, despite Eva’s protestations.  Not my best quality photo (iphone shot with my finger literally in the frame), but this is a photo I’m unlikely to get a second shot at.

Eva: Dave, we have a problem here?
Dave: Problem? Is there something wrong with the heat moulding process?
Eva: Not a problem with the process. A problem with the whole project!
Dave: Really? But I’m following the instructions on how to mould Daniel’s speed skates in the oven to better fit his feet so he can actually skate in them.
Eva: Dude, you have to get those things out of there right now.
Dave: Eva, I never realized that your sense of smell was acute enough to pick up when carbon fibre is the right temperature to optimal malleability.
Eva: Dude, it has nothing to do with the skates being ready to mould. It has to do with this being an oven. This thing can cook chicken, pizza, muffins, bacon, and lasagna.
Dave: Really?
Eva: Yes really. Now swap out the skates and make us some nachos. I’m feeling beyond peckish.

WCVM 2018 Calendar – Mr. September

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WCVM 2018 Calendar – Mr. September

I  have been fortunate to have a good relationship with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) and have had several photos over the years in cards, calendars and fund raising brochures.

Mr. September

This year Bruno makes an appearance in the 2018 calendar as “Mr. September”.  Somehow nearly every other photo in the calendar has something to do with the vet college or it’s facilities.  Bruno on the other hand seems to just be in there because he is so darn handsome.  Ever since I received an advance copy of the calendar we’ve been calling him Mr. September, and he now responds to the name.

Cottage Life Calendar – Northern Lights at Emma Lake

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Cottage Life Calendar – Northern Lights at Emma Lake

In 2016 I entered a few photographs in the Cottage Life photography contest and unfortunately none were selected as winners.  Then this summer I received an email asking if they could use my photo of the norther lights in the 2018 calendar, which I of course quickly agreed to.  When they send out a few complimentary copies to me I was shocked to see the photo on the cover.   A great surprise to finish off the year with, especially since I did not get a chance to connect with the northern lights at all in 2017.

The Calendar & Original Photograph

Below is the cover, September, and the original photo.