Eva’s project (2014) – Brittany Spaniel in Saskatchewan

I did a weekly photo project with my lovely Brittany Spaniel Eva in 2014.  It was a fun project as she started the year as an energetic pup (10 months old), and ended the year as an energetic adolescent.  Photographing her presented some challenges over Kael as Eva is smaller, faster, and less likely to do as she is told – especially when off leash.  But I think we both grew over the project (me photographically speaking and her in her willingness to listen).  I was worried going into her project that it would not measure up to Kael’s project, but in the end I think it came out great, with it’s own personality.

Doing these projects is fun as it pushes me to try something different every week.  This stretches both my creativity and photographic skills.


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