New Prints – “february 7th, 2016”

New Prints – “february 7th, 2016”

This is actually a series of three new prints that I have done up from demolition day for the fourth span of Saskatoon’s Victoria traffic bridge.  I wanted to present these as a series in time to try and convey the suddenness of the explosive demolition, and to focus on that I have titled each print after the exact time they were taken.

The Photographs

I have linked the photos on the web site before, and this is what the photos look like:

demolition traffic bridge

The Prints

To keep the images as a series in time, I have decided to sell the first ten prints of each time as a set of three.  Three individual photos sized 6.75 x 12″ on 11×14″ paper.  I will sell prints numbers 11 and above of each print individually.

This is how the individual photos look when formatted for printing.

8-31-00 am small web

8-31-10 am small web

8-31-12 am small web

Print Details

As always my prints are numbered editions, signed and printed on lustre photo paper.  Price depends on size and framing options.  $50 from the sale of each print is donated to the Red Cross.