Starbucks on Broadway

Starbucks on Broadway

The Starbucks on Broadway just had a renovation, and the place looks great.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have some photos hanging there since 2014, and I was delighted that they offered me continued display space after the renovation.

I took the time to do a little reorganization of the prints on display.  Bruno of course was willing to supervise.  I do hope to occasionally update the photos on display, and am sure he will have his turn on the wall as well.


The photos on display are all on the prints page of this website, and linked here as well.    Please note that a matching donation for all print sales is made to the Canadian Red Cross – except the monk seal, donations there go to the World Wildlife Foundation.

Thanks again to the Starbucks team for letting me display my photos at their wonderful location.

broadway morning small for web

victoria print small for web

frosty view small for web

adams lumber small for web

shake small for web

the monk small for web

grand central small for web

macys small for web

under broadway print

lending a wing small for web


  1. María Luisa Milla

    You are a great photographer Dave!… all your photos are full of great sensitivity and good taste. I really like how Bruno looking attentively the photos you have on the table. All images that you have posted are really beautiful! Congrats and regards

    • dave

      Thanks Maria. That is a wonderful compliment, especially given your amazing skills and ability to manipulate light into doing whatever you ask. Take care.