Eva’s project – May

Eva’s project – May

May saw some some beautiful spring weather in Saskatoon.  Perfect for a photo project.  Lens flare, fresh grass, Eva’s namesake from WALL-E, and a three part portrait at the lake.


Week 19 “halo” was a back-lit photo in the park.  Love the way her crazy ear hair glows in the light, and that smile isn’t bad either.

Eva: Hey Dave, I’m an angel!
Dave: True. You really are quite a good girl.
Eva: Yup a real angel. I even got my own halo.
Dave: I’m not sure about that.
Eva: Yup. A real halo. I think it’s a sign that I’m a really good pup so you should give me more of those dog treats.
Dave: Not so sure that’s a halo. More like really strong backlighting and a bit of lens flare.
Eva: Oh. In that case maybe it’s a sign of how I’m such a good model to help you get good rim lighting and lens flare so you should reward me with more of those dog treats.


Eva and her Freckled Nose

Week 20 “Eva and her freckled nose” was a way to share the story of her name and her freckled nose.

Eva’s namesake is from the pixar movie WALL-E. We were on vacation when we found out that we would be getting Eva from a litter at her breeder’s. WALL-E was a huge hit in our family and from it Eva was unanimously chosen as her name. I’ve been thinking about a photo to show this for a while but did not know how to do it until I was reading this Pixar comic collection with my son. I also wanted to show her little freckled nose to advantage. She’s also the dog most likely to join us for bed time reading. And I think this captures a bit of that as well.

Eva and her freckled nose

Smells Like Summer

Week 21 “smells like summer” showed Eva’s sense of smell, with her nose buried deep in lush spring time grass.

Dave: Eva, how’s it going over there?
Eva: Can’t talk … scent trance.
Dave: Oh. What does is smell like?
Eva: Summer. Fresh cut grass, dirt, and a few more exotics like earth worms and a hint of bird poop. Can’t get enough of this smell.
Dave: Really? Because I was going to ask if you wanted to play fetch.
Eva: Nope. Scent trance.
Dave: Do you want a belly rub then?
Eva: Nope. Scent trance.
Dave: So can I assume that you’re not interested in a little snack? Some more of those cookies you like?
Eva: Don’t assume anything. I’m totally interested. Just need ten more huge sniffs before I come running over to you like a bullet train on a dirt road and demand to know what’s taking so long with you handing over that treat.

smells like summer


Week 22 “contemplation” was a shot of her intently watching the world from the end of the dock at the cabin.

Dave: Why the serious face?
Eva: The dock is in, the wind is strong, there are waterfowl to watch, and many smells to smell. A great day.
Dave: Now if only it was a little warmer we could go swimming.
Eva: Agreed. But if you walk away a little and stop being so controlling I could go swimming all by myself.
Dave: Only problem with that is I need to be ready to swim after you because of the geese incident last summer.
Eva: That’s relatively unlikely to happen again.
Dave: Really?
Eva: Well maybe or maybe not. When it comes to waterfowl I’m a pretty social girl.